Sunday, April 3, 2011

so close

Man babe it so close don't you know are you excited to start a new life.  I don't know how happy you are or ready but I'll be there to make  sure your ok 100% of the way just like when you were in Malaysia.  No I mean110% haha.  So I had a really weird week, this week.  I was late to work by one hour Tuesday because I had to do somethings for you, but then I stayed an hour later so it the same haha.  Then I had to meet with my groups for my class projects it so much work because I have so many groups I need to be in lol.I wish it wasn't so many so then I can relax more but I need to meet every Sunday I need to be in a group meeting because we are inventing a product or service for people to use.  It pretty cool class but I hate meeting weekends.  Then I have another class where we have to present a negotiation and make a play on what happened kind dumb but at least it an easy A. Then I have a presentation of another class about company ethics I don't even know what we are suppose to do but so one in my group has the power point from his friend so we are gonna use that and change up the words on Thursday lol.  Then I finally fix my glasses I broke, it not perfect like how it use to be but it looks the same so it good enough for me and the lady fixed it for free.
At work 2 of my friends quit because they were offered new jobs, I will miss them because they are fun to be with and we joke around a lot but I don't think it is the last time we will see each other because they will throw them a farewell party in the next two weeks so I am looking forward to that.  but they were some of the coolest people at work I hope I get the internship so I can get a party too haha.  but yea I will miss them because we always joke around a lot in work and make fun of each other =(.
Then I spent all Friday and today reading the book for the class I am doing bad in I have such a big report I don't know how I will finish because I am busy tomorrow but I think I can finish it before 9 if I don't get side tracked lol. So make me study go Chin Fong you better be studying or else. haha.
So today was the worst new ever (not really) but it does suck I have to pay off 900 in taxs 900!!!!! WTFFF When I was in Uniqlo I only had to pay 4 something and I was make so much more back then from all the extra hours. I think I have a retarded accountant but my parents still didn't fire him after 10 years of hating him I think they might be a little retarded too. And my mom has it so much more worse she has like 6000 in taxes and she doesn't make much more than me I wonder why.
The the firemen come to Suzann building and knock down the doors on all 5 apartment floors and say 2 of the floor people have to move out or they will be arrested so I spent all night Thursday with my dad installing fire alarms and cleaning up.  You know whats stupid.  They didn't even have a fire or they didn't even have to go past the second floor only because they complain about a funny smell on the first floor stupid people cost my aunt money.  The the fire men the bar owners down stairs.  But Suzan finally gets to kick out all the pain in the ass people in the building so that is cool beans.  The will turn it in to an apartment for family now it going to be 3 bed rooms it so big and it can look so nice, I wish I had money to rent one it right by Union square and it so nice.  I can't wait.

Love you,
P.S. I love you so much.