Sunday, April 3, 2011

so close

Man babe it so close don't you know are you excited to start a new life.  I don't know how happy you are or ready but I'll be there to make  sure your ok 100% of the way just like when you were in Malaysia.  No I mean110% haha.  So I had a really weird week, this week.  I was late to work by one hour Tuesday because I had to do somethings for you, but then I stayed an hour later so it the same haha.  Then I had to meet with my groups for my class projects it so much work because I have so many groups I need to be in lol.I wish it wasn't so many so then I can relax more but I need to meet every Sunday I need to be in a group meeting because we are inventing a product or service for people to use.  It pretty cool class but I hate meeting weekends.  Then I have another class where we have to present a negotiation and make a play on what happened kind dumb but at least it an easy A. Then I have a presentation of another class about company ethics I don't even know what we are suppose to do but so one in my group has the power point from his friend so we are gonna use that and change up the words on Thursday lol.  Then I finally fix my glasses I broke, it not perfect like how it use to be but it looks the same so it good enough for me and the lady fixed it for free.
At work 2 of my friends quit because they were offered new jobs, I will miss them because they are fun to be with and we joke around a lot but I don't think it is the last time we will see each other because they will throw them a farewell party in the next two weeks so I am looking forward to that.  but they were some of the coolest people at work I hope I get the internship so I can get a party too haha.  but yea I will miss them because we always joke around a lot in work and make fun of each other =(.
Then I spent all Friday and today reading the book for the class I am doing bad in I have such a big report I don't know how I will finish because I am busy tomorrow but I think I can finish it before 9 if I don't get side tracked lol. So make me study go Chin Fong you better be studying or else. haha.
So today was the worst new ever (not really) but it does suck I have to pay off 900 in taxs 900!!!!! WTFFF When I was in Uniqlo I only had to pay 4 something and I was make so much more back then from all the extra hours. I think I have a retarded accountant but my parents still didn't fire him after 10 years of hating him I think they might be a little retarded too. And my mom has it so much more worse she has like 6000 in taxes and she doesn't make much more than me I wonder why.
The the firemen come to Suzann building and knock down the doors on all 5 apartment floors and say 2 of the floor people have to move out or they will be arrested so I spent all night Thursday with my dad installing fire alarms and cleaning up.  You know whats stupid.  They didn't even have a fire or they didn't even have to go past the second floor only because they complain about a funny smell on the first floor stupid people cost my aunt money.  The the fire men the bar owners down stairs.  But Suzan finally gets to kick out all the pain in the ass people in the building so that is cool beans.  The will turn it in to an apartment for family now it going to be 3 bed rooms it so big and it can look so nice, I wish I had money to rent one it right by Union square and it so nice.  I can't wait.

Love you,
P.S. I love you so much.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hey babe,
I hope ur trip was fun, I missed you a lot and it was so weird not talking to you for a whole day.  I hope I don't have anymore of those days lol.  Because I miss you 10x more when your gone.  I hope your ready for your new start, I will support you as much as I can in everything you do and try to help you as much as I can.  I hope It can change us for the better.  I been studying hard everyday hoping to get good grades and so that I can try to spend more time with you.  But I have a lot of group projects that we have to meet up a lot but I think I can move them so we can meet on school days.  I don't know but Ill try my hardest.  Also this week I will sign up for driving classes and test so I can take it as soon as possible and hopefully this time I will pass.  This week I have to do a paper so I can give Alex to hard in for me, and I have a focus group tomorrow for 100$ hopefully it will be enough so that I can have some extra money.  Well see lol.  I can't wait to talk to you in the morning pls talk to me this time I have terrible days when you don't.

Love you,
your dumb dumb

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Please dont be sad

Hey there girl friend,
I don't like how you are so sad, it makes me worry too you know all those things you worry about I worry just as much as you do.  I know I don't always make it look like it bothers me, and I don't mean to sound annoying when I say it will be ok.  But sometimes for me its the only thing that calms me down.  Thats what I need sometimes because it helps me think straight.  I know its not perfect and I don't say the right things to help you feel better.  But just try to think how  I feel too, I am worried like you are and I feel like you will have to little money.  But things happen and you never know. So cheer up babe because you never know what might happen and even though it seems like I'm to positive take tomorrow and don't think about it.  I will find out all the information and let you know.  But don't let ti get yo you because I know your better than that.  ^^  Plus I'm here if you feel like letting out your anger =).

Oh I got a 81 on a test and i got a 18/20 on my 6 page paper I had last week.  I hope you think I did a good job and made you proud.  I am not doing as well as last year but I am trying my hardest to do well.

So babe try to smile more don't cry no more ok^^.  You don't let things like that bother you ok.On;y thing that should bother you is what will I do for our 1 year anniversary.  ^^ HAHA I know I am a dork, but I will try hard to make it a good one.  Ok no more promises but I will work to show you ok ^^.

Love you so much baby,
Chin Fong
P.S.  bother me more in the morning ok^^
I love you more than anything I love you more and more everyday and I will all ways be there for you.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hey there yellow bear,
You brought to my attention recently that you miss all the things that I use to do for you.  I am sorry I don't do all those things for you anymore. I know it sucks I don't do that but it doesn't mean I don't love you, I love you so much more now and maybe thats why I stopped, I was so comfortable and I felt like there was no need to keep doing those things because you knew I loved you.  But I forgot that those small things made you feel special and it was something you really liked about me.  And I know I have been lacking in the surprise department lately.  So I want you to give me another chance to show you that I remembered your favorite dessert or that I was thinking of you when I saw this earring.  So I hope you don't have to tell me I miss when you... anymore because I don't want to make you feel like I forgot you even for a minute.  Because if you believe me or not I am thinking of you every minute.  And I miss you more than ever right now.  I miss our late night movies and cleaning your ears and going ewwwwww.  I miss walking with you and going to your favorite restaurants.  I know you love all this things and I promise I won't stop doing as time goes on^^.

So today I went to my cousins birthday party and boy was I bored.  It was such a good thing that I left a couple hours late haha ^^.  Because he ended up being 4 hours late. HAHA Soooo cooool I am on that Filipino time lol.  My cousin was so surprised haha the look on his face was so funny but he was high so it was even funnier. Anyways I talked to him and he wants to take me to the movies this week so well see haha.  So I left as soon as they cut the cake because I was so bored haha. I wanted to talk to you so here I am writing to you lol.

I love you,
cant wait

Friday, March 18, 2011


My baby is coming.......,
Haha I can't wait.  Don't be worried about the price it not bad and it worth it for you ok.  Break has been a lot of hard work but it was really fun.  Like yesterday I was suppose to work from 2-10 but it ended up working for an extra 7 hours and getting out at 5 haha.  I was worried you were mad at me but babe I had a lot of fun working with everyone.  I learned so much about computers yesterday and I will talk to my boss to see if I can get extra money.  Ok so don't worry.  I need the extra hours for a gift for you ok^^.  It was fun because we got wendys at midnight and we hung out for a couple of hours while the machines were downloading stuff and we just talked and joked around.  Then today I got up at 6 in the night cuz i got home at 7 and slept around 9.30 haha.  I saw young and eric didn't come because he doesn't have a cell phone.  But she is 16 weeks pregnant and it is going to be a boy ^^.  So for the rest of this week I will be spending it with you and I will be working. Oh but oon Sat. I have to go to my cousin's birthday at 5 so ill call you when I get home ok.^^
I am going to sleep now cuz it late and I wanna see you in the morning.
Love you,
Chin Fong
P.S. so soon are you ready ?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

cheer up

Hey babe,
Just letting you know for the 100th time today I miss you and I really wish you where here with me on break because I am super lonely.  So you called me yesterday in tears and it made me really sad and worried, please don't cry love.  You know he didn't mean that he just loves you so much he scared that his little baby would forget him.  But I promise when I get a really job we will visit them every year or I will be the worst boyfriend lover husband or what ever their is.  I hope you decided that 700 isn't a lot because that is what I think haha, you know me being greedy and stuff but I would do anything to hold my baby in my arms.  Oh I been working really hard at work trying to learn as much as possible for computers and I have learned a lot these past two weeks tomorrow I have to do special training with so of the guys who does all the hands on work with computers and printers so make sure I don't go late and curse me out if you have too ^^.  I wish this week could have been spent with you but I guess April will be even better right? Haha only 2 more months of school then we get to spend time together a lot more and I hopefully get this internship so then we can save up for a apartment for you or vacation.  We'll see right hahaa.  And I will look for jobs for you I have a good idea of places that are hiring and not retail lol.   I hope we can last forever because your my dorky loser girl friend and I love you the most.  ^^  I hope one day your mom and dad would understand that, but if not I will try my best to convince them. I hope you enjoy your weekend with your grandma and parents, I will miss you a lot but that just means I will be calling your phone 24/7 even if it gets you in trouble haha.  and don;t listen to anyone else you yourself knows that your not trying to come back for me and don't care if people say I am younger.  The only thing that matters is what you want and not what others want or think. Ok probably gonna hate this post because I sad that but oh well haha.  Well wish me luck in getting the internship because I need it bad so that I can see my baby ASAP.
Love you,
Your dork head,
Chin Fong
P.S. I misssss youuuuu

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I can't believe you make me blog when I am so tired so mean, I was gonna do it when I wake up.  Man you must love me so much and what I have to say.  I know I love you too =p.  So I spent my whole day watching you on the laptop screen and nothing else, just like I promised a straight 24 hours of Kirby G since I am on break, I hope you happy with it no more being moody ok cuz I don't like that haha.  I miss you a lot and I hope you come back home soon cuz i would like to sleep early more often and wake up later.  And eat midnight snack cuz u hungry.  So hurry up home cuz i need u ok? ok
love you,
P.S. love the new haur color sill need the pic to know if it is actually that color or more red

Thursday, March 10, 2011


hey baby,
I finally finished my midterms =) and i think i killed yesterday's midterm which is kool beans, right?  I finally can relax and after tomorrow no school for a whole week which means I can spend a lot more time with you on line how cool.  Haha Your sleeping right now and you look so cute, I am a lucky man for having such a cute baby. Tomorrow I meet the person who recommend me to the internship, hopefully it goes well enough he likes me to push that recommendation that much further.  I hope so so then I can spoil you even more haha.  Anyways I finally got my hair cut today and boy is it cool I like it a lot, but you and my dad don't like it enough and my mom says it was cute but because my dad complain oo much she agree with him now lol.  Anyways not much plans for this week other than work I have to go out and hang with zubi and eric and that is it so you will be seeing a lot more of me haha.  Hopefully I can get more hours this week so that I can save more money to bring you back.

Love you,

P.S. you look so cute sleeping like really cute, and look we are matching hahahaha. I thought it might make you laugh a little.^^

Sunday, March 6, 2011

=( please cheer up cuz i misses your smile mrs

Hey baby,
I been worried lately because you have been pretty down and it makes me sad to think that you aren't happy.  I wish I could be there with you right now more than anything.  I just keep thinking about seeing you lately, thats all I want to do.  Thanks to Alexandra I might have a chance to work for one of the biggest companies in the US and make enough money to see you as much as I want.  But thats only if I get it and there is a good chance it might not happen, but I will stay positive because seeing you is all I want.  Sorry I always say that I want you to come down now, it must be annoying and hard on you.  I know that, you know me I dream so much my head is always stuck in the clouds.  Don't worry I only daydream about being with you nothing else lol =p.  So pls forgive me if I keep saying it, it helps me work harder when I believe I see you so soon.

Anyways I worked a lot today and my dad cleaned up the house like crazy he threw so much crap away from the living room i think our flowers too for my mom lol but it so nice looking outside.  while he was cleaning I was still reading up on Pixar for class essay I am suppose to be writing for my class, it kinda cool what they made and did.  I hope you and I can take your nephews to see cars2 ^^ I wanna see it too like a little kid haha.  I took a break from studying to make a background for my laptop should be a desktop with the amount of pounds it weights(9lbs omfg!!!) haha.  But I'm not too happy with it so ill try to make another one later tell me if you like it or if I should do another one I won't do it today but this Tuesday or Wednesday.  Key board lights up if you couldn't tell to any color I want I chose blue so it can match back round blue or white is better? Because last test is Tuesday thank god haha I have break next week for spring and then i have Easter break in April so I will try to get you to talk to me as much as you can next week lol.  Then on break I will hopefully have enough money to see you or you come back and we go on a small trip to Virgina or something.  Who knows time will tell right ^^? my baby's favorite line haha.

 Love you,
P.S. I decided to dress up the bear Gracie left in my room haha, I gonna dress him up once in awhile because I want to see if cheers you up once in a while ^^.  I hope it does

Friday, March 4, 2011

My week

Hey baby,

I had a long week this week so long yawwwnnnnn.  I feel so tired becuase I been so busy with study and work I haven't had much sleep, but it ok because it only till Tuesday then I have the week after off which is pretty cool right?  More time with you that means ^^. Anyways this week has been a long long week starting with Monday with my first midterm which I hope I did well because Alex and I study so hard together on Saturday. Then I had a really long Tuesday starting off with work.  I woke up late for work becuase I was studying for my tuesday midterm till late night.  At work I had to buy my bosses birthday stuff when I went on lunch I had to get him a fruit cheese cake from whole foods, a birthday card and 4 bottle of soda.  So much to card I thought I was gonna drop cake.  I think I got him the best birthday card everyone at work laughed really hard.

  After that I had to go to Bronx to take my midterm to only find out it was going to be held next week omg so all that work for know reason.  Then I had to study all night till 4 on Tuesday and Wednesday night for my two test today and that was so much work..  I was so tired today I almost missed my stop on the train beause I was so tired.  I had my first test at 11.30 and I killed it ^^.  But then I had to study for my night test and instead i passed out for 3 hours becuase I was so tired haha.  The night test was Finance it was so hard I didn't bring the chart like the whole class because I didn't get the email =( so I had trouble on the test I was lucky that one of the students finished 30 mins before the test was over so I got to borrow it and fill out all the questions I had blank (because I needed the chart.  I think I did ok but not good it was really hard.  I hope I do well then the one of the best things happened to me this week after you of course so don't worry ^^ lol.  My laptop finally came in and baby I gotta say it quite sexy, I am charging it right now so I can't use it =( but it ok.  Talking to you made me forget about it.

  And now we talk about travel I hope you come back so we can go somewhere if I can save up enough.  I pray I can because I wanna go somewhere with you ASAP. !!

Love you baby,

P.S. Can't wait to see you I miss you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much haha yup that much times 100.

My lunch yesterday your favorite tom yum with pad thai I ate the spring roll becuase I was so hungry so it was missing haha.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011



Sorry I haven't written to you in so long. I am sorry I try so hard to study and do well for my baby.  I think you miss my dumb written haha because I miss yours when you don't write to me. I am so happy because yesterday was our anniversary or was it 2 days ago because it was the 29th so when does it count haha.  I hope the necklace you wanted was good for this time I hope I can give you so much more very soon.  So I will work so much harder so my baby can go to anywhere she wants and I don't have to say no or wait a couple of months.  I  won't give up till we go somewhere nice that will make my baby smile.  Talking about going away soon makes me so happy even though it might not be till summer it is enough for me to smile everyday and work harder and harder. I am sorry I sleep so much but I will try to stay up in the mornings more and sleep earlier just like you want. Thank you for always caring about me.  I am so happy we almost been together for a year it feels like a life time, I only wish we last a life time.  No matter how lazy how or how ever many imperfections you have I will still love you for who you are not someone I want you to be.  I am grateful for such a great girl friend and hopes one day you too will love me the way I do you.  But till then I will do what ever I can to show you that I will never stop loving you I the way I do now.  I want to travel the world with you see what the world has to offer and in the future if I am not rich I don't care as long as your there with me, becuase any life will be happy if we are together.

 So when ever you feel down please trust me enough to tell me what bothers you, becuase you know I won't judge I will listen and support what ever you feel even if I must work that much harder.  And don't worry I wanna work hard for you so we can have a happy life in the future.  Oh yea and I think this time Europe sounds perfect that is your type of place the food the sites.  Everything there is you its vintage and it has that feel you love the views are beautiful and one we shall enjoy together so wait just a bit longer and we will go to Europe our first time together this summer. ^^

Love you baby,

P.S. I can't wait till you get home so I can talk to you

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Misseseseses you

I misseseseses you lol.  I wish my baby come back soon, but if not I hope she can do something that make her happy until she ready to come back.  I miss you so much because I am lonely without you baby, I hope I can spend summer with you.  Talking about last year makes me want you to come back so much more.  And you remember how much money we spent on pink berry lol.  I wish you where here super bad, I am sorry I so clingy  but you know how lonely your babe gets when your not around.  ^^ I hope you get this job so you can be happy. I will try my best to make lots of money so I can bring you back and get you a place to decorate for yourself. So wait for me.

This picture you want right?
Love you so much babe,
P.S. come home soon ok ?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Good Luck

Hey babe,
Good luck today on your first interview I know you will get it don't be scared ok I'll be here for you so don't be scared.  I am proud of my baby because you are trying so hard.  Only get a job you are comfortable with don't get a job that you will hate ok.  I too will be trying my hardest to do something with my life too so you can bee proud of me.  I only want you to smile and say that I love you so much because I do so much for you. I wish we can travel the world together too so that why I want to make a lot of money so we can see the world. I promised you right? We will go some where every year.  Because it is my dream too.


Love your,
P.S. Told you I did it already, trust me ^^

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Things to think about

Man you gotta come back screwwwwwwww Singapore haha cuz i am so lonely. Jk babe do what you want to do, don't regret anything in life ok.  Go to Singapore and try so at least you won't look back wishing you tried to do it.  Opportunity is rare so when it comes knocking take advantage, why you think I chase you so hard.  I know I know BS.  But babe do what you want to do in life don't give a chance when its there.  It might be longer with out you but I want you to accomplish many things in your life.  I can still see you online and I will be there to talk to you every night.  So I promise you I will support you even if I am scared.  Plus If you don't find anything there it one step closer to seeing you back here =). Right?
I hope lol.
Love you,
We have a whole life time to make great memories like this and be dumb. ^^

Friday, February 18, 2011

the super cool not so boring blog

As promised,
i will blog something that not boring:)
& this post better work like a charm!
I just wanna let you see my instance expression while i saw the flower sent by you on vday.

They sosososososo pretty.
The fresh dust still stayed on the flower while held it,
at first, i thought it was a real flowers, until i remember we bought it for my mom last year.

lots of roses forgot the color, just so sexy!

I'm pretty sure this post will make you say dumbbbbbb!

It was your cool cupcakes that I had to finish all by myself becuase no one likes cupcakes but me.

You did it all by urself the coolest birthday in the world^^.

Potential wife kirby G stealer of chin fongs bed then kick him to the floor.

& Have fun with your family today and hang out with ur gma all day:)

Love u,
p.s. i thought it would be different and make u laugh if i did this.  I wanted to do something different for you.  I miss you so so so so much. And your blog made me smile real big but u were watching tv and u dint notice so bleh to u haha.  I hope it don't make u angry at me lol mwahhh love u my baby

Thursday, February 17, 2011


hellllooooo babe,
Had a really long week i wish it was over already, I wanna speed up time till I get to see you again then slow it down real real real slow haha.  So I can speed everyday with you forever.  I really miss the picnic and movie haha.  I told papa you know what the best thing to do in the summer? Its the movie in the park you have to go one day.  I miss summer so much because we stay home in the morning and relaxed then we go out at night when it nice and cool.  I also loved picking you up from school when it was summer because it was such nice temperature.  We walk around your school  then watch a movie in the art building then go for pizza by your house.  I loved that pizza and we sit in the park and talk for a hour or so. I miss those days so so so much.  Lets go back in time so we can do those things again.  So come back summer and I will go down for our anniversary so then I go down once and then it mean you must come down too. =p

Any this week a lot of good things happen starting Monday afternoon. I got a 100 on my paper and I got a interview for an internship.

Love you babe,
Chin Fong
P.S. you rush me so i finish tomorrow have fun with ur friends =) mwahhh

Monday, February 14, 2011

Lady Antebellum - Need You Now (HQ) [Lyrics]


Hi babe,
I'm sorry about everything, I know you heard me apologize over 1000 times in the past day so let me say it 1001 times I am sorry for making you feel like that.  I really didn't mean for you to feel hurt, I will do everything I can to prevent you from feeling like that.  You know I really love you a lot and I am going to do everything possible to show you that, I am gonna give you the world.
I really want to go somewhere far with you again with nobody to bother us, just some alone time with me and you.  Everything is magical when its just us 2, no one to bother us and we can do what we want.  Bu this time lets try outside of the U.S. and  I don't mean Trinidad. I want to take you some where new because we have so many places that we have to go to so we have to start as soon as possible. Right? I wanna go to Paris real bad but it will require me to save up every penny if your ok with that, or if you wanna go to a nice beach we can go to pr, Cancun or some place where the water is nice and blue.  It does sound nice though walking the beach every night and listening to the waves a we sleep.  I know it to early to tell where we want to go and and I don't have the money yet but I promise you  I will bring you some where.  Where its just me and you, where we can take thousands of pictures so you can blog and have a nice romantic evening every night with just me and you.  Anyways I will keep that promise and I will bring you somewhere this year.  We can do anything and go anywhere you want.
Although I may not be able to celebrate all those holidays and special dates with you doesn't mean I didn't forget. I won't make that mistake of making you feel alone, like I did so many times. But give me a chance sometimes to show you that I didn't forget I really do remember all these things. And although it might not be the best thing I really do put my heart and soul into everything I do for you. Because you deserve my full attention always and I will always put 150% into anything I do for you.  Because you deserve the best and I will make sure you get it only the best from me.

Your baby
P.S. Happy Valentines Day babe I hope you like the roses even though their not purple, hey their roses this year =p.  I looked for purple flowers for you forever but couldn't find any =( I am sorry.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!


HAPPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!! Sorry I can't be with you this year =(, I wish I could see you so bad right now but it ok because when you get back we will do a huge make up celebration.  Promise you we can go eat and go anywhere you want.  Its almost a year since we have been together how cool right?  Well we have many more years to go so don't worry too much ok^^.  I am so happy I had the chance to meet you and go though this great adventure.  Do you think we would have met if I never worked at Uniqlo? I think so, becuase I think it was fate that brought us together.  I just wish I had more time to spend with you, I miss you so much right now.  All I could think about was our summer vacation and all the cool things we did, I wish we can relive those days. I miss our resaturates dinners and lunch, we had Italian so many times I lost count. Or our movie dates where we would spend all day in the theater just so we can get our money's worth. And you know my favorite going to watch movie in the park with our home made snacks.  Man I miss that sooo soo much =(.  I wish you were back here and I wish I could hold you more than anything right now.  I wish so many things just for you to be here with me. I wish everything wasn't so hard so I could be with you when ever and where ever. Because all I ever want was to be there with you and be there to make you laugh and smile.  I am always happiest when your around but when your gone I go though life with no feeling and no care.  I just want you here so we can laugh and have fun.  I can't wait till the next time I see you and I will do my best to give you the best future possible so you can enjoy life to the fullest.  I will make sure everyday is special for you becuase you make everyday special for me.
So my precious girlfriend I love you so much and everyday with out you sucks but I don't care because if I wait long enough I will have everyday with you.
chin fong

Friday, February 11, 2011

Come homeee

Hey babe,
I miss you so so so so so so so much, I wish you came home already. I want to go out with you so bad.
And guess what they extended your favorite restaurant week till the end of Feb. =( I hope we can go next year and eat at all the places you want.I miss our dinner dates so much, and cooking for you at night.  I hope you miss it here too, I know you don't like the cold but the summer is perfect for us, right? Everything is dull now that your gone, I don't wanna do anything without you. so I am trying to save up a lot of money for when you return. I hope I can save up enough real quick because I am real lonely, it will be even worse when you go and get a job. But I know you need something to do and I don'e want you to be bored. I want you to have fun and let you do things that you want to do.

Nothing much happened the 2 days you were gone.  I worked I have a focus group tomorrow, I have to wake up in 5 hours =( sigh. I don't get good sleep when your not here. I stop playing the game because everyone playing is a jerk other than pops. I also am going to be doing a double major because of the extra credits I have aren't you proud of me? I still haven't chosen my 2nd major though I am stuck between marketing, computer management systems, and entrepreneurship.  But I have awhile to figure it out.  My dean helped me out a lot because he went to my high school so I think he was willing to help me out more. I also did what you and my parents have been telling me. I finally signed up for some internships, so I can try to get a job asap once I graduate. I know you are bored of everywhere so I need to get internship experience in order to get a good job right out of college.   I don't want to be like some of my friends starting internships after they graduate, because I want to start taking care of you. Hopefully I can get something well if not I will be seeing you next summer for a long time in Malaysia if not I will have a quick visit and bring you back because I want to see fireworks with you again, have picnics and watch movies in the park. So please hurry on back because I miss those summer days so bad.

I will sleep now I see you in a couple of hours wake me up if I don't call u by 8.

Miss you and love you,
Chin Fong
P.S. I called for your thing and they only open from 9-12 wtf do your people work at all haha. jk but seriously 2 days a week for 3 hours were can I find a job like that.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Wish you where here more and more

Hey love,
I been really worried because you have been so sad lately.  I wish I could be there with you and keep you company and bother you till you were sick of me lol.  But I been working as hard as I can to show you that I really want you to be proud of me and that I can take care of you.  I hope you can see how hard I am trying for you, because I want to be with you so much sooner.  Please don't be down because your bored ok? Please cheer up because I don't like it when my baby is sad it makes me worry a lot about you, so try to cheer up.  Your suppose to be happy all the time for me right? ^^

I loved the email you sent to me this morning about the apartment and having our own, I can't wait too.  I will make it big so you can have any house you want.  I will let you decorate it with what ever you wanted.  But I want it to be full with your photos because I want the house to be filled with your warm memories so you always have a reason to smile for me.  So its only a little longer I promise you I will give you the life you always wanted and the one you deserve.  It sucks that your so far away because there are so many things I want to do with you like did you know the first new episode of Glee was yesterday and tomorrow is another episode. I wish we can watch it on TV together.  I like when we spend time together it makes me really happy when we watch movies together because it feels like we been with each other for so long.  I wish in the future we had time to do this everyday when we grow older.

The house is super lonely without my baby I wish you never left because I wouldn't be so sad.  When you come back I promise I will try to pick you up or drop you of to work everyday.  I will also try to make you a cute lunch box everyday.  So why don't you come on home Ms. Gee everyone misses you.  New York isn't the same without you so I'll see you soon =).

Love you so much,
Christopher Chin Fong 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Miss you

I miss you babe please come back.  I cant sleep well at night and I worry so much cuz your still coughing.  I will try to make more money asap so that you can come back soon and hang out with your girls more often ok =).  And we can go on our crazy food adventures and see more things we havent seen yet.  I wish you were still here, I hate it when your gone cuz i have no one to be with and no one to go out with.  I promise I will show you I can take care of you and five you the things you want.  Plus it will be super fun I you were here with me we need to do so much more.  =)
So Come back and I will promise to make sure your always happy ok =).
This week ill rite something better and put pictures srry of the laziness but I am trying to make sure I get all my school work done so you can say u have a smart bf haha not a dumb dumb.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Ur gone =[

I am officially sad again, thanks for leaving me again, lol.  I miss yo so much already and it not even 1 day.  I try really hard to keep my promise and smile a lot just like you told me. But my house is so empty without you, I really do hope you return with me in the summer.  That would be the best thing in the world.  So for now till then I will keep my promise and work really hard in both school and my boring job.  I really want to try to come down spring break for that one week even though it is so short I want to see you more than anything.  I hope you have that same  feeling too.  My bed is so lonely now I haven't slept since we woke up at 5 in the morning, I am having a lot of trouble.  I keep checking my fb or sky hoping you call soon but no luck =(. My room is so empty all your stuff is missing, I wish we had a chance to do more things.  I miss our midnight glee/movie time.  Or drinking hot tea and eating a little snack.  I miss hugging you then you push me away after five minutes only to find myself  hugging you in the morning because I know you will be to lazy to move.  I miss the train rides with you and running away from the cold snow.  I miss our 200x a week Thai dinner/lunch dates.  I miss you visiting me at work and that one time at school.  I miss doing the ear thing and bothering you.  I miss spending time with you and your family.  I wish we can do these things soon, so I pray I can make enough money to rush down and see my baby and bother you.

So Please come back soon your lonely sad man misses you way too much.

Love you soooo soooo sooo soooo soooo soooo soooo much,
your stupid astroboy
p.s. if u read this call me no matter what time ill be here waiting for you =)

Monday, January 3, 2011

one of the most amazing week of my life


HAHA Hey babe,
Your finally  back in NY it's been a week already, but it has been amazing.  I can't believe I get to see you everyday almost all day.  It has been a long wait but so worth the time.  I am so happy I get to be with you.  I wish it can last for ever.  As soon as I saw you walk though the airport doors my eyes light up, it was so surreal. You probably had to pinch me to wake me up. Waking up everyday is amazing, but I drool a lot hahaha cuz I get such good sleep when your here.  Like really really really happy good sleep.  Anyways we had a pretty fun times, I hope you think the same.  I enjoyed meeting you sister and brother in law.  I love there two kids, they are the cutest your right.  I hope you enjoyed your presents this time, I was happy I was finally able to give it to you in person.  ^^ Lets hope I can do this more often.
 You know how much I love this picture ^^.
 I am so happy haha
I finally go tot meet all your friends so I was so weird, =( I really liked them a lot but I didn't know what to say to them haha cuz I cant speak Chinese =( so you must practice with me so i can meet them again.  They are really cool and i love them cuz they make u smile so big.

The happiest man in the world

P.S. never leave me lol ^^