Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas shopping

Hola babe,

So today I went shopping with my dad for Christmas presents.  I think my dad was gonna shit himself because I spent more then he thought I was going to.  So today I woke up at 2 like a bum because I was studying and watching movies all night yesterday.  One of your nephews presents came today it looks pretty cool lol.
I hope they like this one.  It cool they deliver on a Sunday for holidays.

So today my dad and I went out for a walk because he still sad and stuff.  So I took him Christmas shopping with me.  We went to Soho to get my boss' present.  Got him for the Christmas gift for work, I got him a chicken hat a (cock)  haha. he always makes fun of my hat at work so I always joke i will get him a penis hat.
Then after we went shopping for Alex biggest pain in the ass to shop for you know that.  Alex never knows what he wants.  He is the biggest pain in the ass when it comes to Christmas.  At least I know you want a gift.  So my dad suggest a jacket.  so he and I walked into 1000000 stores to look for a jacket Alex might like.  It was so much work.  We found a jacket at Banana Republic we thought he might like.  It was originally 200 but it was 40 percent off so it came out to be 120 not bad.  I hope he likes if not he can return it not my problem lol.
Oh don't worry you still cost more.  That was the deal right you will cost the most no matter what.

Anyways I can't wait to see you in 6 days, well now 5.
you wanted a waffle right haha I love this one we have to go one day for waffles.

Love Astroboy,
P.S. I got the coolest movie thing for us when you get back I hooked it up and everything today, so at night we can watch a movie together. ^^

Saturday, December 18, 2010


hey babe,
It's 4 in the morning and I'm waiting for you to Skype me.  So I decided while I wait I should write stuff so you don't curse me out that I forgot lol.  This week has been a super busy week,  I did a lot of work and studying.  I hope I got enough hours this week so that we can go on a nice vacation, I have to take you to Atlantic city and Boston too right.  So I have to work more hours, I hope I can make enough money to go to all those places I promised you.  I am almost positive we can. I think you will be proud of me this year I am getting real good grades this semester like I promised you.  So far I ave 1 A and 1 B.  I think I will get 1 more A and maybe a B or B+. Then  I only have one class I don't know what grade I might get but I just need to study a lot, then I can definitely make you proud of me.

Love you,

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Its snowing

Hola babe,

your not talking to me because your busy at work so bleh. HAHA I miss you a lot yesterday was the first day it snowed in the city. It didn't snow much but it reminded me so much of the winter where I use to take you home everyday and it would snow. Remember the Polaroid pictures we took in the snow.  That was one of my favorite nights ever.  I hope we can do it again real soon.  Sorry I been out of it lately.  I been studying all night till 3 or 4 and a couple of times till 5.  Sorry I been so lazy and tired sounding when I wake up.  I try my hardest to keep my eyes open and stay up I really do.  I feel like so bad when I have to leave because we hardly get to speak and I end up miss you the whole day.   No Bs.  I have 1 more test left and I have to do 5 more art drawings.  I have been trying really hard to show you I can be smart so you don't have to call me dumb dumb anymore haha ^^.  I just want my baby to be proud of me.  Oh yea I am so excited for this Christmas i really think you will love your present.  I worked really hard on trying to make it cool or at least something you will like.  I can't wait till break I been working so much hopefully my pay check will be fat haha. SO when you get back I can feed you until your super fat so no one else will want you but me haha.  See I listen to you in the morning even though I am super sleepy.    So be prepaid to have a great break, so great you will want to move back here.  But it is a little to cold haha.  But I can't wait to see you I think I told everyone in the world I know stupid but I am super happy you will be back soon and  I promise you this Christmas will kick ass in gifts.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Long time no blog

Almost done with school so it means I will have time blog again.  I did really well in one class it was my Management class.  She sent me an email last week it said:
Dear Chris,
I hope your semester is ending well. I wanted to let you know that I have finished reading the course final projects. I sincerely appreciate that you shared your amazing RBS portraits and analyses with me. It was such a positive experience for me to learn so many wonderful things about you and my words here in an email don’t do justice to the level of appreciation I feel for having had the chance to get to know you better through this assignment.

Next, I wanted to let you know that I have posted the final grades for class online. Overall, the class did extremely well and you have earned the highest grades I have seen in this class—by far. So, bravo to you and your classmates for finishing this course on a high note. I particularly salute students who made notable improvement over the course of the semester, and I hope that you will see this reflected in your final grades.

Here is your grade information for the course (feel free to double-check against what you see online) and the final project (graded as Did Not Pass/Pass/High Pass based on the quality of the written analyses, the quality and number of themes, the number of respondents, and the number of domains represented):

Course grade: A
Final project grade: High Pass

I hope you have a wonderful winter break! Stay in touch!


How cool right my first A in college I hope there is more to come. Anyways I sorry I have been sleeping during our night talks I just so tired cause I been up late. I am so sorry, I try really hard to stay up.  I will try a lot harder to stay up now.  I working more hours next week so that will have a lot more money for things when you come down.  We going to San Francisco Im so excited haha I will try to plan a really god trip. And I hope we can go somewhere real cool while your here.  Like Atlantic city and Boston. All the places you want to go to Ill try my hardest to take you where you want while your here ok =).   I am so excited to see you and its only 2 more weeks.  How cool is that .  I hope your just as excited as I am.  I wanna do so much, we have 6 months of way time to make up right ^^. Don't worry you will have time to see your family and friends it won't be fair to them right?

So I will see you soon babe, I love you,



Monday, December 6, 2010


Sorry I haven't blogged in along time, I am overwhelmed with work and planning our vacation. Sadly we didn't get our cruise but at least we go something.  Haha it funny how you want me to keep it a secret from you.  But it cool beans, I think it will be fun this way.  I been researching San Francisco and there are a ton of things to do and see.  Lucky we were able to get a hotel for a real good price by prime location.  Thats all you will know.  I wish we could have gotten an apt or something but it is too late for the places I wanted to stay in.  I hope your ready for vacation just as ready as I am.  I need a break from work and everything.  It will be good to finally get some time of and best of all with you.  I can't wait till Tuesday is over and all my papers are done with.  After that I have 2 midterms but I'm not as stressed about those classes.   I am lucky to have the chance to see you, I only wish it was forever but I can't be too picky, I am happy you will be back here for a little bit.  I hope one day you can come back here forever but I guess thats in the future for now I'll be working my ass off until that time.  So be patient I'm almost there, and even though it's been though it's made me appreciate you so much more.  I can't wait to see your face.

I love you,

P.S. I will need to save up 10x more so we can do more things.

Friday, December 3, 2010



I'm so happy I finally get to see you.  I think it will be the slowest time until you come, thats going to suck lol.  I can't wait to go on our adventures again.  I hope we get the cruise tickets tomorrow I think it will be great to finally have a you and me trip only as bf and gf.  Anyways I will def. blog more tomorrow for you gotta sleep before you kick my ass haha.  I love you so much and this has been a terrible 5 months without you. Mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Love you,
Chin Fong