Sunday, October 31, 2010

Busy week

Hi love,
Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile I been really tired, but I'll start writing more for you.  My bad babe.  This week was a long week filled with work (school and job) but I was happy I got to spend time with you.
This was the only cool thing I did at work, I took it apart and installed some things so we can use two screens at once for one desktop.  It was pretty cool.  And it sucks on Wednesday the one time I had tome to talk to you that day three people came in to ask for help. =p But what was cool was on Friday I spent the whole day with you, while you were sleeping.  It was nice to know that there are times for me to use Skype during work. 
Crazy good doughnut it was amazing it was fresh made and coated in warm sticky sugar.  It was a great doughnut.  They gave it out at work and I was happy I was there haha.

Thursday we had the group project, we had to go to a cafe and rate the m based on service and everything.  It was a cool project. We went to a cafe near my house like on 10th and 2nd ave.  I got hot coco and my group mates got all the coffee drinks.  It was good but to expensive.  I think that we should go look for cafes when you get back, there are a lot of them by my house apparently haha so we have to go there and spend the day reading and relaxing drinking coco or coffee. I wish we can go and do that so you have to miss me a lot. So we can do these things.

Look Halloween is starting up , I took the picture because the girl is wearing a kimono like you were last Halloween, made me miss you so much more.  This was on my way to dinner with everyone.
We had Malaysian, same place we went with everyone in Chinatown last time.  It was ok it was me Eric, Jess, and Young.  It was fun they talked a lot and asked a lot about you.  Made me miss you so much all they do is ask about you. Haha but it was fun too see everyone.  We went to K-town for dessert, we had pink berry and jess had dessert at this place.

 Cute right we will go here too.  They have your favorite Macaroons.
Love you,
P.S. Waiting  for you to come home now wait for you.  

Friday, October 29, 2010



I am so glad we met, I so glad I never gave up, and I'm so glad you gave me the chance.   
I told you long distance isn't to bad and I told you no matter what I will show you it can be done.  I know it still a little early but I think its been going great.
I miss you a lot though, the city sucks butt without you.
You need to hurry back ok, I miss taking you out but I think I can last a couple more months , I hope I can lol.
You have been so great to me, I love seeing you smile everyday and Skyping with you even if it was only for a couple of hours.  I'll miss you so much when you go away but I know you'll miss me just as much.

I wanna spend the rest of my life with you so we can act dumb like this everyday and so I can cook for you.  I practice so much now so I hope I can cook well enough for you.
I wanna take you all over the world so you have to come back asap so we can shop in Europe and Asia.  We can dive around America.  We have so much to do.  Like New Years in Disney, Christmas in Paris, Maldives     
 for our honey moon. 
So come back asap so we can do all these things.

I love you,
P.S. Happy 6 month anniversary I know there will be many more left.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I'm sad babe, your not here to say good night and you didn't even leave for Thailand yet.  I hate that I can't talk to you right now.  It stupid and I'm all alone now without you, I hate that your so far away, I hate how I can't find you when ever I am lonely, I hate not being able to see you, I hate not saying good night, I hate that no one takes care of you,  I hate myself for not having more money, I hate it all.  I just want you back here with me, I am trying  my hardest to show you I can take care of you.  I wish you can be here with me, I am all alone all day and no matter who I hangout with all I want to do go home.  I don't enjoy other people's company when you so far away.  I don't smile without you I stress more when your not here then when your angry at me.  I have no to cook for and no one to care for.  I have no one to laugh with and no one to eat with me.  I hate my life right now, it sucks with out you, and I hate how your cell phone is off and your laptop is off.  I really want to talk to you to say good night and I really want to hear your voice.  I can't stand it my heart feels like shit right now and I just want you to come back.  I really missed you a lot and I don't like how your brother won't let you bring your laptop to work with you when he has his laptop with him.  I hate Malaysia because it so far. I hate time for not going by slower when I needed and now when I'm alone its like every minute is an eternity.  I don't care anymore I just want you to come back and I don't care what I have to do to get you back here.  I just want to see you smile, I want to spoil you, I want to laugh and get in to stupid arguments with you.  I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  I don't hate what we have now, because long distance made me realize how much I love you and how much I hate things because your not here.  You better call me before I sleep today or all be angry we have a week till you go away for 4 days, and we have 2 days till your parents return and that means I lose more time with you.  More than anything I hate losing time with you, I am scared the less you spend time with me the more you forget about me.  So please just let me know you won't stop thinking about me no matter where you are and what your doing, because your on my mind 24/7.
I miss you,

P.S. why is your phone off and where the hell is your computer lol

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Missing you so much

Hi Baby,

It's that time of the year when the tree starts to change colors.  Its the most beautiful time this season right when the leaves start to change and not fall to the ground.    This is my favorite thing of fall other than your birthday  and our anniversary ^^.   I really love fall because last year I had so many great memories.  More than anything I wish you were here I want to walk Central Park with you, I think that would be one of our most perfect dates, just saying.

This is my Bronx campus only a couple of trees started to turn colors, but it still so breath taking.  I wish you were here so we can lye on the grass and watch the trees.  I miss you a lot, its getting harder to get through a day because I miss you so much.  I just wish you came back after your Hong Kong trip.  I wish you where back sooner.  I miss our dinner dates so much, recently I been thinking a lot about where we use to go in the past.  man we had so many great adventures.  But I really regret not going to the Thai place in Brooklyn with you.  I keep wishing everyday we went there, don't know why I want to go to that place more than anything.  First place we will go to when you come back.   I also miss going to the museums with you, wasn't it the coolest thing?  Like when we dressed up like nerds and took all those cool pictures, or when we went to do your projects.  And we drew the pictures in the Egyptian section, we had so much fun that day. I miss the foods, the wonderful memories, the trips back home, and most of all you.  I miss you so much, I wish you knew how much I wanted to be with you. I wish I could take care of you right now more than anything.  I hate how I can't see you and how I take care of you.  I am saving more money up now and I am going to bring you back so we can see all the the museums, try all the foods, and to see every movie possible.  Ok so please try hard to come back just for me even if it isn't to stay here.  I promise I will work harder so we can do all these great things.  ^^ I love you more than ever and everyday I become more positive about our future.  So keep that faith of yours I won't let you down. =p


P.S. you definitely have to be back to winter so we can walk in the snow like we use to back then.  We gonna drink my home made Coco and watch movies.  Its only a less then two months so please keep faith.

Halloween is coming soon

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Good grades means nothing to me without your smile

Hey babe,

I haven't blogged for you in awhile, sorry about that.  I have been busy with studying, but it all paid off. I hope your proud of me.  Everything I do I do for you and I'm happy I am able to show you how much I can change.  On Tuesday I got  my group project from last week back we got another 100 ^^.  We only have hundreds so far hope we can keep it up^^. Then on Wednesday I got my Midterm back for Marketing, I got a 95.  I never got a A in a midterm so I was smiling real big, you know my dumb smile.  And when my teacher went over the test he mention two of my examples so I feel like I am actually doing well in a class for once.  I hope your proud of me.

I been missing you more everyday but I am sorry I haven't been able to show you, especially today at work when you wanted me the most.  I don't want you to think I careless now, I just don't want to get into trouble on my first week of work sorry.  I will pay more attention to you, and I think like in a week I can see you on video. By the way love the bracelet so much, the one you showed me today,it is so you babe.  I wish I bought it stop buying the goos stuff, I want to get you something real cool too. So let me ok =p.  I really wanted to be with you when your sick, I tried to call you but you didn't want to talk, I really wanted to check on you, sorry it took so long to call you, because I was waiting for my boss to go to his meeting.  =( I was sad to find that you hung up Skype, but I know you weren't feeling well so I understand.  I just felt like you were angry at  me.  If you are I am sorry, I acted like a jerk didn't I and I want to say sorry.  I didn't mean to sound so rude.  I really do care a lot, I really did worry.  This whole day I wanted to be with you more than ever, I hate how much today ended.  I feel bad, ok babe, I promised you I would take care of you and I didn't.  =(  You know  I want to be there for you more than anything. I will work harder so I can see you sooner. I promise, I will work harder in school and work.  I promise I will get good grades and I will be the best at work so I can get more hours or get a full time job.

I love you so much please get better soon,

Please talk to me like you were before this, I won't ignore you anymore,  I sorry babe I brought my netbook to talk to you to work and I didn't even act like I care.  But But that quiz I studied for today I got a 100 ^^.  I wish I didn't work today.  I wish so bad I could have spent today with you, I am sorry I will show you I can pay more attention to you next time, with video both ways and whatever you want ok, I PROMISEEEEE.  So give me another chance pleassseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Us old picture on my phone.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Dreaded Tuesdays

Hellloooo babes,

Today was one of those long days, class all day and no time for lunch.  I started my morning off with our morning chat.  Which had me worrying the whole time because you weren't talking ( I didn't know it was because you were sick, you didn't talk so I was under the impression you were angry at me).  I wish I could take care of you there; or even better, you here with me lol.

On the Metro North today I almost missed my stop because I fell asleep. I thought the train was in another station so I told myself I had a stop to go before I had to get up. Good thing I opened my eyes to check.  Art today was okay, very slow paced.  The professor took pictures of our faces and we cut the pictures down the middle.  We had to make charcoal drawing of each piece on two different pages on our sketch pads.  No where close to done.

After I was off to my Products and Management class, spent the whole class playing hearts and solitaire on the computer.  Made the boring class go by quicker.  I handed in the group project I was in charged of for this week.  We were the only group he said perfect for everyone else was acceptable ^^.  I did well, right? After 6 hours of class it was off to Manhattan for the last 3 hour class, Principles of Management.  I left early to study Chinese, got the midterm of Thursday, I am so unprepared for this thing.  I decided to take the bus home from 6th  Ave. today and found a sweet old lady.  She was in one of the people in the motor powered wheel chairs.  She was the first person I ever saw who wasn't miserable and was so friendly.  She apologized to everyone for the inconvenience and handed out scratch cards and I thought it was really nice of her.  Then I found out that the cards were win for discount to her store, but I still admired her happiness and was kinda envious, because I haven't smiled like that since you left. And by the way great way to market your store.

Returned home to find a black bag with my name on it, it was the clothes we bought online.  Here are your three belts and my jacket you chose.

I hope you like them; I like the belts.  I white belt is real cute, love the brown design and the black looks like a vintage belt.  But the best of all is the jacket.  It fits so well, "perfect" so might say.  But I can't wait to wear this tomorrow, so when people ask me where I get it, I can say my baby chose it she got some great taste. ^^

Miss You So So So So Much,
Astroboy (wish I was so I could fly to you)

P.S. Thank you babe for helping me with Chinese I really appreciate it.  I will study it so hard so I would make your effort go to waste.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Case of the Lazy Mondays

Dear Babe,
Today was definitely one of those dreaded Mondays because it was the first Monday in 6 months I started to work again. Man I miss relaxing at home with you right there with me, but its time I started to make some money to bring you back home where you belong.

Today started off with my favorite Chinese class.... I kinda hate it because everyone is from China or where ever. Kinda makes it hard for me to keep up with the class and the teacher keeps calling on me and uhhhhh, hate being called on because I'm on a lower level. But that means I gotta work that much harder right ^^. I'll get it done for you so don't worry no matter how much I have to struggle I will try hard. Anyways after class I rushed back home so I can get a small goodnight before you sleep. Stupid train was stuck in the station for mad long, I didn't think I would make it home on time. I was so jumpy, every minute felt like 10 hate when that happens. Sorry I didn't call from school, my cell phone's Skype isn't working still.
I still love this station because of these little guys.  There was a park when I was little my parents use to take Alex and I to, it was covered with these little unique men.  Anyways I got out of the L I started to run home to make it but made a little stop buy the grocery man in front of my house for some vegetables.  got mushrooms, red bell pepper and a lemon only cost me 2 dollars (what a steal).  I got home to find your message on Skype saying that you are still up, it was a great feeling of relief seeing that message.  I was even more relieved when you picked up my phone call.  I know I'm a dork, but saying goodnight to you every night really means a lot to me. I loved how you wanted to watch me cook and you asked what I was doing.  Demanding I tell you every ingredient and step I made while making my lunch, I don;t know but it just reminded me of when I always  use to cook for you.  Just letting you know my pasta is getting better and better everyday, when you get back I'll have it perfect so you can smile real big.  Since you didn't get to see me finish cook here is the finish product.

Looks not to bad right?  It's colorful, healthy and delicious; what more can I ask of this dish =p.
Here's me finishing every bite best lunch I made in a while, just saying.

So after I took that nap you wanted me to take and then rushed to work over sleeping by 5 minutes, push alarm clock of not snooze, fail xp.
Work was pretty nice to day more relaxing and I was less nervous.  I had a 3-10 shift and there were less people because of the later shift.   Today I had to install some programs on to peoples computer and I learned some new things from some of the full time workers. Oh we have the coolest thing at work, remember in Uniqlo where we use to swipe out with our cards.  Well at work I swipe in and out with my finger prints, col beans right?

I had nacho and cheese with a side of rice and beans for dinner taste amazing and it only cost $8, couldn't even finish it. Worth every penny.  While I was stuffing my face, me and the other worker watched video's online while I did Chinese.

 My yummy nacho cheese.

That was my lazy Monday's hope your Tuesday was more productive then my Monday.

Love ya ^^,

P.S. Stop look at the Malaysia things, you scaring me too much look at NYC pictures instead lol.  Jk, try not to fall in love with Malaysia or at least not until you get back from your trip back ok? ^^ Miss you so much.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Only on a New York Subway

Crazy, I don't care if it was set up or whatever to be able to do this is crazy haha. I love NY.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A real tough weekend

Hey Kirbs,

About yesterday was a ruff day for me and I didn't mean to offend you.  You said it didn't bother you, but I know in some way what I said did rub you the wrong way and I'm sorry about being a jerk.  I know you were just asking me a hypothetical question, but I misunderstood you and I responded without thinking.  But just thinking about those things really hurt me. I know I shouldn't let it get to me, but your all I have left. The thought of losing you really drives me to the point of insanity.  Even though it was just a question, please can we not bring it up again, because I guess you are my weakness  I will try harder to act more mature about those situations, and refrain from being jealous or angry.

On top of all that I was having a tough day yesterday, because my mom was mad at me.  She was saying all those things about me and I let her bring me down, when I should have ignored her.  This weekend wasn't that good and you were right I was sad but I didn't want to bother you because I want you to get a good sleep.  I was sad because of what I said and because of the little time i got with you this weekend.  Its is ok though I wanted you to spend time with your sister and your brothers, I was just in a sad mood lol.

  But I am happy you let me stay on Skype when you sleep tonight, it really cheered me up knowing I can watch you sleep like I use to. Since the movie scared the buhjebus out of you last night you let me stay by your side^^.   I miss being with you when you sleep at night and I wish I could do this more often while you are away.  Watching you today made me realize just how much in love I am with you and just how much you mean to me.  I never loved anyone and I'm happy your the one I chose to love, I hope I can tell you I love you everyday for the rest of our lives.

Lately I know you don't want to talk as much because we been talking about the future more and more and its been stressing yourself out.  So I will wait till your ready ok, just come down for a couple of months and decide where you really want to be and I won't fight your decision.
"But you should live here!"  just saying jkjk =).  When your ready we will figure it out, so for now try to be as happy as you can and enjoy your family.  I really miss you and I'm happy I got my work schedule switch so we can spend time together before you sleep tomorrow, so try to stay up with me till 12 ^^.

your crazy sticky dumb dumb

P.S. Heres a pic of you sleeping while I study, its around 7 in the morning by you. I was kinda hoping you wake up so I could tell you everything would be ok and should go back to sleep, because I'm right here. But you didn't so bleh haha.  I hope you had a good night sleep I miss you a lot babe and I can't wait to see you when you get back, don't forget I'm gonna buy you tickets for December, so no matter what you have to come back and spend Christmas with me.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

First Day of Work

Holla Babeee,

Today was my first day of work for the Fordham law school IT center, I had worked from 10 to 5 today.   It was kinda boring because there wasn't a lot of things for me to do.  The people there are real cool and they are helpful.  As soon as I walked in they sat me down handed me a stack of paper and told me to start reading.  Funnnnn haha, I had to read three or four instruction books. It was a great one hour!!!! ehhhhhh, but I was happy I got to snuck out and called you.  I wish I had more time to talk to my baby but I was happy I got to say good night to you at least. I was so happy what you said to me before we hung up, made my whole day.

 Here's my little desk, its because I'm the part time.  I spent most of the day fixing this laptop omg it was so messed up.  I had to install so much stuff, but it gave me something to do.  I had problems with some things and there was a guy who helped me with what I couldn't figure out.  He was really cool.  He edited a photo on Microsoft Office 2010 and it looked like he used Photoshop it was crazy.

Another thing I have to do everyday is fill up printers in the whole building and fix them if there anything is wrong with them.  Today I followed on of the employees around the building, we filled like 15 printers, but its cool because they have snacks in one of the rooms all the time.
Here is the office , it is kinda small.
Other side.

One cool things about work is that if there is nothing to do I can go online, so I can talk to you or whatever.  And Fridays are dead so I have time to talk like today.

Oh I also change my schedule to work 3-10 on Mondays so I can talk to you before you sleep.  I wanted to talk to you at night so I switched m schedule, since we can't talk when you work and only type.  Don't worry I will still wake you up when I'm working promise^^.

I love you and missed you a lot today, but it brings me one step closer to getting you home.

Love you,

P.S. Come back soon so you can visit me at work and I can take you out for lunch in nice restaurants in Lincoln Center ok =)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sorry babe this post will be quick because I am studying and I have to sleep now because I promised right ^^.
I finally start working this week, begging Friday. I work every Monday, Wednesday and Friday   10-5 almost all three days.  I know it suck because it is less time to talk to you everyday but Ill wake up everyday at 6 or 7 so I can talk to you for at least an hour or two ok ^^. Plus I can talk to you during work if your still up on Skype which is also another cool thing.  And we still have our Sundays which is always for you and our Saturday nights.

I had my midterm in Marketing today and I think I did well, I hope I did.  You smile big when I do well on test and its the best feeling.  so I will keep making you proud and I will show you that I can do well in school for you.  

Love you a lots,

P.S. I still think white is your color and don't forget to talk to your friends everyday from the city I keep thinking about that because of that side bar on your blog, they really do miss you a lot, which means I gotta work harder and try to get more hours everyday when your sleeping so I can give you more.  So mwahhh night and see u in the P.M. lol.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hey you bleh,

So not cool today jk, but I really really liked the talk we had today. I enjoyed it because we were so dumb and you haven't been so happy and dumb for so long.  Lets smile like that more often and lets act super dumb like that everyday.  I love you and I hope one day you will say those words too.  I will be patient but you have to understand that I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU.=p

So today suck because you called me during art and I wanted to spend time with you more than anything.  We used charcoal got me dirty all over haha.
We had to draw this thing its called a gourd. Its hard and looks like a green or yellow penis.  It look like everyone drew giant bumpy penis today. Haha

Anyways I got some good news guess my only  two grades for my Management of operations and productions class.  It will really surprise you.

I have two 100s, cool beans  right never did so well in school I hope it can continue so I can keep my promise.

Love yous a lot,

P.S. I wanna spend lots of time to night before you go away to your popo ok ^^.


 Heres what you had to draw. It took me 6 hours.

Heres the drawing lol we had to use the pattern not actually draw the thing.
Heres what I cooked for lunch. looks pretty.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

STD & C: Study Talk Drama & Cook!!

Hey babe,

This week was long and pretty boring did a lot of studying for my upcoming midterms.  I have a midterm in Marketing so I spent a lot of time reading text books and my notes this week.  Yeaaaaaaa so exciting ^^......
But I was happy that once this week we spent a lot of time together on the internet talking, my favorite time of any day no BULL$%^! really is.  Well anyways this weekend was pretty productive I spent sometime  talking to you, studying, finishing up my Korean drama (really really good), and cooking ( needs improvement =p).  

So yesterday I decided to try making pasta with my own hands.  Bad idea, not trying again until I get a machine because using a rolling pin sucks.  I think I got a pretty good workout from making pasta haha.  I decided to make everything from scratch.  I made my own dough rolled it out and whatever else there was to do.  I also made my own sauce and filling, too much work.  

I was planning on making ravioli because I would really like to get the chance to make them for you, but I had to much trouble rolling the dough so it was thin enough.  Thats why all the instructions said to use machine.  ^^ Any ways the dough was way way way to thick it was like dumpling skin, mom spent all night making fun of me.  She is such a jerk xp.  Bet your laughing saying dumb, and if I am watching you you would have that super big smile on your face. So I though it out and used wanton skins, but was to thin but I cooked them anyway, they were not bad but I wish I had a change to make everything by myself would have been super cool.  I convince my mom to get a machine, but don't think I will bother her to buy it because I;m taking a break from Italian and going into Chinese food my baby's favorite.
 The dough so much work to make this ball, I think I have muscles now.
Here's what I ended up making because I wasn't to sure what to do with only 10 ravioli.  I am angry because my phone didn't save the picture of the sauce or the ravioli.  

Anyways spent today returning a dumb blanket and studying.  Wish you were here to keep me company while I study, like back then when you were here.  I miss studying together, or writing your essays...... lol  I actually enjoyed doing that because I got a big kiss when I finished it and my baby was the one acting sticky ^^.  

Love you,

P.S. Sorry for not picking up this morning I was passed out, just letting you know for the future phone calls wake me up not Skype because laptop isn't loud enough =p.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy I'm In love with my best friend

I'm so lucky I have such an amazing girlfriend, who I can talk to all night and all morning.  I love how we are always talking, I wish we can do this forever so I can smile everyday like I am right now.  Your my girlfriend and my best friend I love you more than anything or anyone. I hope we can be like this forever ^^. Mwahhhh

Friday, October 8, 2010

cooking day

Hola babe,

Today I went out a little today but I spent most of the day studying uhhh, I can't wait to be done with school because there is so much stuff to memorize.  Haha I hope I will do well on the test. so I can show you I really am trying my hardest.   Then next week I have a Chinese test, don't worry I started to go for help, I met with my teacher this Thursday and we spent 35 mins after class learning the stuff I don't know, still a little confused but hopefully I can get it. If I do well on Chinese I will be the happiest person in the class because I am one step closer to showing you I really want to learn for you ^^.  

Also today after studying my mama and I cooked together, because I wanted to learn how to make her pasta.  It is vegetable pasta its really good and simple.  you would like it because it only takes a few minutes to cook haha and you don't have to wait for ever.
 Here are some of the vegetables I had to cut.  We were missing tomatos so I had to go out and buy some for the dish haha pain in the butt lol.

We made this real good and simple fish it taste amazing.  You don't like fish right? well I'll make it any ways and see if you change your mind haha

here is the pasta I tried to make it look a little nice, because I am practicing for when you come back I want to serve you the most beautiful dishes.  First time my pasta was really good haha, hopefully I can keep it up so you can finally say you like my pasta. ^^

Miss you a lot,
Dumb Dumb

P.S. I love you so so so so so so much ahaha
Hey babe,

Today wasn't what I hoped it would be at all.  I really hurt you didn't I, I'm sorry.  I know shopping is the things that makes you happy thats why I always want to know what you bought or look online for things for you.  Today what I  said came out wrong and I am sorry for that, please forgive me.  But if you don't curse me out until you do because I don't want any bad feelings between us.  To me you have become everything and when ever you are upset I am down and when ever you are happy I too am happy.  I wish you knew how much joy you have brought to me in the past year.  I know your angry still at me because you don't want to talk, it's ok I deserve it for being a jerk.  But I will keep trying until you forgive me because I love you and because love is all about patience and understanding.

Today I went out to see Eric before he left for his trip.  We went to the K-town restaurant that Jackie too me to. The BBQ is ok not that good, but I wish you were there because I still owe you a BBQ because last time we ate other things when we wanted it.  So come back so I can treat you to a big BBQ meal and watch you smile.
 Here is the food it was ok, yo didn't miss a thing I have to find a good one you would love.
Here is the wrap no rice, they didn't give rice with the meal and I didn't feel like ordering it haha.  I wish you were there you would have made me and I would have actually been fully.
Eric is doing well and i didn't know he was so well.  I hope I can do well soon also.  I wish I had that luck, but I am happy with mine because I met you and made so many good memories.  I wish we could make more.

After dinner he took me for ice cream by his work, its on 20th and 6th ave.  You would love it so much the ice cream is out of this world.  This is a must when you come back I added it to the list don't worry haha. Oh and it so cute the design.
 Heres the icecream, Eric gets discount so he paid for it.
 Eric and I love the back it so cute haha. I know you don't like black and white.
Here is the ice cream its a Ferrero Rocher the chocolate ball in gold foil.  It taste exactly like it haha.  We said bye after.  It was fun I hope to see him again because he is a good friend I would like to keep.

I spent the whole day missing you.  I really miss you a lot.  I wish you were here so bad, everyday I spend thinking about those great days.  I'm happy we had so many, everyday I will think about your smile so I can work harder.   So have faith in your dumb dumb he is trying hard to show you he can take care of you.  I am watching this Korean drama when ever you sleep, and it makes me miss you when the guy hold the girl or kisses her.  I miss holding you everyday.  I hope you miss me too.  I will save up all my money to bring you back and show you in person that you can trust me with your future ^^.

Love you and mis you more everyday,

P.S. Better like my surprise gift this time, I don't know what to get yet but I will find something with my heart.  I hope it makes you smile big.

My favorite person in the world and one of my favorite memories I wish I can take you some where new this year.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dear Kirby,

Sorry I made so many mistakes today like not supporting you, then that talk about the bad thing, and not calling you at 10.30 like I said I would (I do have an excuse but I won't give it, because I should have let you known and I am sorry). I am happy you found the shoes you like, I been looking to replace the pair you love so much because you said you couldn't find any.  I wasn't angry at you for spending money, promise I wasn't.   I am worried you won't have the money to go on the Thailand trip that you want to go on so bad.  I know you want to go with your friends, so I wanted try to convince you to save your money.  Your old enough and I should tell you things like this, I am sorry for that babe.  I should have more trust in you and it wasn't fair of me. I don't want to be that person you get angry at all the time for, I want to be that person you can smile with everyday.I should have been more understanding because you felt bad about spending the money already and I made you feel worse.  I am sorry for ruining your happy moment.  I wish I wasn't such a dumb ass and would have realized how you wanted to me to smile for you then.It is hard to break that habit and you are trying i know you are.  But to be honest with you, I hate how you found a new place, not because you will buy more things.  I hate it because its another reason for you to stay, another reason I might not have the chance to spend Christmas with you.  Each time you find a thing to love in Malaysia I am more scared that I might lose you for a longer time.

 Today when you told me the bad news.  I knew before you would say it, I was just hoping  it wasn't true.  It really scares me a lot how much your dad won't let you leave.  I tried to give you reasons but they weren't good enough, I know it but I am desperate.  I just wanted you to understand that I wouldn't let anything happen to you.  I promised you I would always be able to take care of you.  I promised I would never rely on anyone but us, I know I have nothing to show for it and it sucks.  I know the only way for you to believe me is to show you, but I'm scared no matter how hard I try you won't have faith I could do those things for you that why I kept telling you those dumb things. I know I didn't start to work and we need the money. But I am happy because I get to spend more time with you. But your right I need to start working soon and I will go and talk to him If no one calls me next week.  Please just have faith in me, I promise you your dad won't hate me. Have faith in me even though my future is uncertain.  I know your sister and her husband had it tough, but I won't let us have that same fate.  Understand that they are different people than we are and they were under different pressures.  I might be in college now, but I promise you I will get a job that pays well and you won't need to worry ever about money.  I promise you I will be able to make you smile and you can shop all you want.  And I shouldn't have said that you need a man who makes good money today, because I know you think it means that you love money. But I wasn't trying to say that, I want to say it like I can be that man, I want to be the one to take care of you; always, so that you never have to worry about anything. I know I can always be there for you, your dreams are my dreams and I will make all of them come true.  So even if your dad won't let you come back, just let me bring you back for a little like I promised you and let me show you I can take care of you and you won't ever have to worry about money. ^^

Please believe in me, no matter how hard it gets I'll always be there.  I'll always watch over you, i will always protect you, and I'll always do my best to give you everything so I can see you smile.  So let this dumb dumb know if hes being a jerk and curse him out for it.  So I know I'm not good enough yet, but put all your faith in me, I won't let you down,  I promise.  I'll stay by your side like gum, because I'm so sticky haha I will never unstick from you no matter how many time you try to wash me away I'll be there stuck on to you ^^.

Love Always,

P.S. I missed you a lot today.

Long day

Hey babe,

Kept my promise today, went to school like I said I would for the transcript letter.  
First I went to drop by club meetings because Alex made me feel bad because he says everyone always ask about me.  I am just not in the mood to travel more than an hour to go to a club meeting. Haha But I went today, it was weird, the Asian club is filled with a lot of strange people.  There are so many freshmen that are so annoying and dumb (sounds like I am describing what you call me all the time haha^^), but honestly babe wow a lot of them need to go out more and learn to meet people.  I was nice today don't worry even tough they bothered me I smile.  I have to  be more mature right? lol  Then I had to go to Filipino club,  the freshman are better more mature and it was more organized.  I enjoyed it more but had to leave early to talk to the dean.  But Chris made an announcement I showed up you know how I love the attention haha, but he made me give a speech for the freshmen who didn't know me.  
I sign up to referee (the person who enforces the rule) for two two sports events one next Saturday and one two weeks Sunday.  I am sorry bout Sunday we might not have a lot of time to spend together but I'll try.  Saturday won't be too bad though.  Man I wish you where here, because if you were I would play sport so you can smile when I play.  

 Here is the part they rebuilt for our school, pretty right?
Anyways I went to meet with my dean but he wasn't there so a nice lady spent an hour helping me and typed up a letter for me.  I am grateful she took the time to work with me she always helps me and is really nice.  I left around  5 to get to class in Manhattan so I took the D train.
 While I was walking to the D train I picked up lunch because I didn't eat the whole day, look my favorite Mexican food.  Haha I brought it out of a truck a little expensive but had good taste, but good thing about the truck was it gave me 3 big containers of pepper haha. It made me think of the one by your house, I miss those days where I would drop you off home, the buy myself some Mexican food for the train ride home for a celebration for a good day spent together. ^^ Miss it so much.  Don't worry your truck is better and cheaper. Not as much pepper but it has more taste haha.
Brought this for my throat your favorite halls.  I was gonna buy something else but I remember your ones. I went to 4 different stores to find it, because I miss when you feed me them. =( I hope you come back soon to give me more Halls haha even if my throat is ok.  Remember when I got you Halls every time you sick and I would buy you 3 or 4 of them haha, but you would curse me for buying so many.  Then when we would talk at night and you would say  finished the first pack already haha.  Then I called you dumb ^^. I miss that too. So come back no matter how much work it might be no matter who tells you what or what you won't be able to do.  Ok because I know you can do anything you want, you are my girlfriend and I only choose the best ^^.  We will find you a fun well paying job and I will bring you back to Malaysia as much as possible.  So have faith and don't let one or two or 1000000 no's stop you from coming back, I didn't let your 10000000000 no's make me stop. HAHA sorry for the end I know its annoying haha.

Miss you so so much babe,

P.S. I love you =)