Monday, August 30, 2010

Celine Dion - Because You Loved Me lyrics

you told me to remind you right =)

Alex's moving day

So today was such a long babe, I had to wake up early to take Alex to college. I wanted to wake up at 7 to talk to you, but I woke up at 10 instead, fail xP. Sorry I really did want to talk to you, I really miss you a lot you know that babe? =) Every one says I look sad all the time haha.

So we had to take the subway and metro north to go his dorm. That suitcase was sooo heavy haha I had to carry it up and down the stairs like 10x. Work out for the day. So this is Alex going to college as we wait and hour for the next metro north.

So here is me waiting haha.
I look high school still blahhhh.

I spent so much money today because I paid for all the subways and passes for me and Alex haha.  It was bad and sucked even more beacuse I couldn't talk to you.

It was on sale since it was Sunday, thank God haha.

Since the wait was so long I had chicken vegetable soup with noodles yup. I wish you were here to drink with me I know you love it.

So after i dropped Alex off at his dorm I went to Lincoln Center to meet up with Chris and hang with him while he was working.  We had to wait 3 hours to eat lunch it was a terrible wait but we got free food after.  Cool beans right?

Its not much but it tasted really really really really good haha, we ate till we where full.

So after hanging with Chris I went home and took a long nap because I didn't get much sleep.  So I napped till  10 then I cooked beef bowl and miso soup it was soooooo good I gotta back it for you.  It taste so good.

I miss you a lot and I hope your having fun with your grandma.  I hope I can get you back as soon as possible it sucks here with out you.

your dumb dumb
P.S.  Should I really cut my hair its this long. Bet you gonna say ugly cut it hahaha.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nothin' On You Soul Sister (Cover) of Train, B.O.B. and Bruno Mars

Two songs you always sing when your with me =p. I hope you like it a lot its real cool. =)

A really lonely day

So today sucked, I hated it honestly.  You know i miss you so much, and I felt like we didn't end our phone call so well. So I was kinda sad the whole day, you have that effect on me =p.  I feel bad because it seems like I can't fulfill a promise I really want to fulfill.  I mean today is our anniversary in Malaysia time and 40 minutes into it here and I messed up I feel.  You didn't smile much today and it sucked.  I won't mess up with sending out gifts again babe I'm sorry.  You didn't deserve it.  I'm super sorry forgive me ok, no excuses I should have sent it out.

Well anyway today I only did two useful things , first I cooked lunch for Alex since it was his last day before he goes off to college.
Here are the ingredients lol, it Portabella Mushrooms, onions and jalapeno peppers.  For the vegetables

Here it is cooking. That is the meat, Do you know what it is?

Here is the end product lol its your favorite philly cheese steak....... haha
So after I worked on my website a lot and changed the whole tip section because it was too messy. lol So now it is a lot neater. check it out babe.  Then I took a nap for 4 hours and waited to talk to you the rest of the day exciting right haha.

Miss you so much,
Your helplessly in love boyfriend
P.S. I love you

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy 4th Anniversary

Dear Adorkable,

This has been an amazing 4 months, I cant tell you how much I love being your boyfriend.  Every minute we spent together has been amazing.  I wish like you we can have many more anniversaries, but instead of saying I wish I will say I look forward to our future anniversaries and I know every minute I spend waiting for you is worth the wait.  So don't regret anything for one minute.  I have so much to do for you when you come back to be prepared because I am preparing myself for your much awaited return.  I know you really want to come back, but enjoy Malaysia as much as you can ok.  Because If you really do return you will miss home.
Today when I went shopping for groceries I kept thing about when you came over almost every day and we meet at the grocery store so I could cook for you, I miss it so much.

Thought of when I met you here all the time when you were walking to my house.

So yesterday I received your mail, I was so surprised you got me something for our anniversary and something soooo big.  I was so happy you spent so much time to get me something, I really do want to open it up,  but because I messed up I can't.  I am sorry I didn't send mine's in time, then you wouldn't have to wait to see me smile.  I know I didn't mean to make you wait, I wanted to make you smile on this special day.  i sent out express they said 3-5 days so hopefully they ship it by the time you get back.  I spend a real long time making it I really hope you like it.  I hope it still looks nice inside.  I spent hours and hours making it I hope you enjoy it =), if yours is better my next one will be 10x cooler then, haha. I know I made a lot of mistakes so please bear with me for a little longer and I will show you I get it right.  It won't take long I promise.  I really wish I had money to give you everything, I don't want to be like this anymore,when I can't give you something when I really want to.  I am working super hard.  You deserve it, your so great I have to give everything to you..

Babe happy anniversary I am so glad I never gave up chasing you, all that hard work was worth it.  Now it feels like nothing can get much better.  I am going to be better for you, I know I am not romantic, but I do try to do things to show you that I love you.  I hope you can see my hard  work,  I really tried hard.  So please have faith ok.  I know your alone and it is frustrating that is why I try to be available as much as possible.  I love you babe, I will keep trying so please keep smiling for me.  Happy 4 months anniversary I really love you and miss you so so much.

-my phone picture haha hope you like it since it one you don't have lol.

Happy Anniversary =)
Love so much,
your Asrtoboy (wish I really was so I can fly to you when ever you we sad)

P.S. I really really think you would enjoy the gift haha. I really hope you like it. And please let me get you something from Urban I want to make it up to you, also I have a promise to keep right =). I love you and I miss you so much more everyday.

Bruno Mars - Long Distance =[

Omg this song is us haha. This song is for you babe =). I love you so much.

This song is the way I feel always about you

Oh her eyes, her eyes
Make the stars look like they're not shining
Her hair, her hair
Falls perfectly without her trying

She's so beautiful
And I tell her every day

Yeah I know, I know
When I compliment her
She wont believe me
And its so, its so
Sad to think she don't see what I see

But every time she asks me do I look okay
I say

When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
Cause girl you're amazing
Just the way you are

Her nails, her nails
I could kiss them all day if she'd let me
Her laugh, her laugh
She hates but I think its so sexy

She's so beautiful
And I tell her every day

Oh you know, you know, you know
Id never ask you to change
If perfect is what you're searching for
Then just stay the same

So don't even bother asking
If you look okay
You know I say

When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
Cause girl you're amazing
Just the way you are

The way you are
The way you are
Girl you're amazing
Just the way you are

When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
Cause girl you're amazing
Just the way you are

Bruno Mars Just The Way You Are lyrics found on

Grocery shopping day

So today I woke up a little late haha, but it was worth it.  So I went to post office to resend it haha.  Then I went to China town =).  I walked there to save money, every penny counts towards your plane ride back right. =)
So I ate lunch and had one of your favorites:
CONGEEEEEE!!!!!! your favorite it had peanuts, beef, and squid.  That the one I use to eat when I was growing up haha.  I wish you were there to eat it with me.

So Then I went shopping for groceries it was a lot of work but I got a lot of things.  This is first time I bought vegetables by myself it was hard hard work.  Because it was hot and I had to walk alll the wayyyy home haha.  Hated it because it reminded me of our days together.

Heres a picture of little Italy I know you miss the city I tried to take one pic, the sun was blicking everything though sorry this is the best one haha  Next time I will get a better one ok.

Oh and here is a couple taking wedding photos on the street sorry for the sun again.  It was so pretty, it reminded me of when you took the pics at Soho.

So I hope everything is great In Malaysia I really miss you, and I really have to bring you back Asap. =)
I am probably not doing anything tomorrow again haha.

your dork
P.s. miss you so much, I wish you were here

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friends and cheese

So today I went to the post office to drop off the present, after spending hours on skype with you and once again sorry.  I really enjoyed our conversations today and last night.

Oh our train

After I got  on train I met up with Pia (my sister ) because I was early we talked a lot about what she been up to and you =).  She said work hard so I can make you proud of me, cool beans right. Oh she has shoes like the ones you love =).

We had some pink berry because everyone was late and we didn't eat all day, tried watermelon again your right no bueno, but had my favorites haha the yogurt chips, choco shavings and coconut with the sauce.
After we waited for Chris and Paul at Macbar for dinner, my favorite =).

Chris, bad picture hahah, but you met him a couple of times I believe.

This is Paul he is Pia's age and really really cool you would like him.
He traveled Asia last summer and said I had to go to Hong Kong and Thailand but not Bangkok too city and not to nice.  So we will go when we save up ok.

They really like the food today I am so glad haha everyone made sure we had something else so that we can try the different flavors.  We thought Chris was hitting it off with the cashier but we found out it was one of our friend's brother's GF haha.  We fail haha but it was funny because we were so happy.

 Me and Chris' Mac and Cheese Mayan Chipotle .
Pia and Paul, Mac'shroom and Stroganoff

It was really fun, but I missed you whole time cause we keep talking bout you. =(  But we sat and ate for an hour and talked and chilled. Then I went home to talk to you and they went to a real bar, but passed out on the couch waiting haha sorry.

Might go paint Pia apartment with brothers and Paul Sat afternoon.

Love you soooo much,
Your dork

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I have decided to never look back on anything, never will I regret a decision I have made. No matter what, I will chose to keep moving forward. I promised you a future and I refuse to let anything slow me down. Because I want to hurry up so we can enjoy life together. So wait a little it won't take long, I promise. 


Chin Fong

New sneakers, friends, and games

 So today was nothing like I imagined it to be, but still was a fun day. I woke up after getting 3 hours of sleep
thanks to the financial aid office to my school haha.

 Then I spent the whole morning talking to you it was very enjoyable.

So my friend Jison couldn't make it today, uhhhh thanks to him and Sean i stayed home but something else came up which was pretty cool.  3 of Alex's friends came over and chilled, to play Wii.  All three are real cool and you know conner was over.  They played an older Mario party it looks so much fun, we have to get that one (you would love it).  Then after I joined then and played a little too it was pretty fun

Another cool thing happened I got my sneakers and it only took 2 days.  They were the ones I showed you on They were $50 but they had a sale so it was only 12.  I bought tan ones to match the jacket I bought.

Only problem is my jacket was delivered but no one was home, so they left it with one of my neighbors and didn't tell me who.  I check next door like 5 times today but no one home sucks right =(.  I want them soon I'll pray real hard.

Anyway I miss you a lot babe,  I miss those days where I can pick you up at school, Kind makes me sad you graduated haha.  I think you should go back so I can pick you up everyday haha. jkjk  But I really do miss it but I am proud of you

I will wait for you to wake up and call me I miss you so much. Please don't worry about my sleeping habits, I don't mean to make you worry.  But I promise I am ok, and I wont get sick.  Miss me a lot =). Have fun with your brothers no matter what.

Astroboy mwahhhh
p.s. I think I will finally hang out with my friends tomorrow lets hope haha, or then we are right I have no more friends lol.  But don't matter as long as I got you. <3 Oh yea have fun on your first day of work with your brother.

Also update your blog or email me once haha I miss it I keep clicking on both hoping you did something.  

My favorite music video it so sweet

I love you. <3

This is for you.

Just saying=p

God I love her and I refuse to let a few miles tear us up. So throw all em obstacles at me no matter how big or small I will knock em down till I have her back in my arms. So give me your best shot, and I'll show you what I am made of. Don't think for a second I will lose, I chose my own destiny and I will create a future for us.  So please trust me when I make promises to you and when I say I love you.  Your the world to me and nothing else can compare when it comes to making me happy.  So I have to be dumb if I let you go, right?
I love you

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hurry and wake up =)

Spent tonight after dinner reading somethings you wrote and looking over some pictures that we took together. Its making me miss you even more =).
Thanks for the great memories, I will hurry up and make money to bring you back so we can make even more.
=) Love you so much hope you like this picture.


My boring day

After we hung up, I went to sleep till 4.30 haha.  But it was worth the wait to talk to you, I really missed you a lot.  So please enjoy Malaysia as much as possible ok, I will work hard and save every penny to bring you home ok.  Enjoy your family and Cherish every moment.
So what I did today was keep my promise and went grocery shopping so that I can cook today, but Alex went out to a METS game right before I went out.  He didn't wanna eat my cooking I guess haha. 

This is the out side of my house took the picture on my phone haha.  It looks so scary haha.

So I went to our grocery store we always shop at and I bought ingredients to make Fettuccine
Alfredo with your favorite shrimp.

I brought some limes so that I can make some juice, I am gonna get it good before you come back.  So you can drink asssss much as you can.

Here see I always were the watch like promised haha, so you too ok.  I really miss you so much but every time I look at it I think about you fun trip......

 I cooked something I know you like. I am gonna try to learn all the dishes you like so I can see you smile everyday. I made he shrimp you love so much, the one I brought to your school all the time. I learned what I was missing all those time it was garlic haha.
Taste really really good and I know you will love it.  So I need a list of everryyyyyyyyyy thinggggggggg you like ok.  I'm gonna become so good you can't say no to me haha.

I really miss you so much I will be here when you wake up ok.

Oh yea Sean is working tomorrow, so I think I am gonna shop for your surprise and see one high school friend because he is going to Florida next week for college, and tell your sister I will wait for her to send or meet me to give you your gift before I send you my surprise ok.

your dumb dumb
P.S. I told you I will update as much as possible so you have something to read everyday =).

Try to take a black and white Polaroid of the flowers for you.  But it looks like weed haha sorry.  Miss me a lot ok, because I miss you terribly. Oh yea you wanna know something it has been raining every day since I been here I think New York misses you a lot =).

One sad muisc video

So you sent me this music video and its really really sad, but I can't stop watching it lol. I promise you when I save up enough cash I will get you a camera like that. You always asked for something lighter then the one you have currently and I know you want one bad. So sorry that I keep joking around saying things that make you think I don't want to get you one. I am just being stupid ok, I told you I love taking pictures with you and I love to capture those great moments that I just don't want to forget. So let me get one for you ok.


Don't be angry ok. I decided to not listen to you and stay up all night. I just can't to sleep until I know that your flight has arrived safely from Hk to Malaysia. I understand that you want me to get good rest but it is hard to sleep until I know your safe. I know its 4am but its only a couple more hours till morning so whats the sense lol, I will just sleep earlier tomorrow haha. But don't worry I don't know how much longer I can stay up. I took medicine because my throat still hurts and I think they have the nasty side effects of a sleep pill. I dozed off twice already but I am trying to fight it. This will probably make you more angry because you worry about my health, but I worry about your safety so I am going to be up all night until you let me know your safe at home. Plus I refuse to get sick until I have made enough money to bring you back. It sucks I can't take care of you any more, so this is the closest thing for me right now. So don't get angry ok.=p I just wanna hear your voice and tell me "I safe dumb dumb go to sleep."
your baby
p.s. I miss you terribly
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Monday, August 23, 2010

My first post

I am starting this blog because my girlfriend decided to move back to her home country.  This blog will be for you Kirby, so that you can know what I do everyday or how I feel.  I promised to write you a letter almost ever day right? =) I will try to make you feel like you are still here with me, then you don't have to feel home sick. So when ever you feel lonely just read this blog and smile the biggest smile. I will do everything I promise, I will show you everyday how hard I am working just to bring you back and how bad I just want to relive all those wonderful memories we had.  Hopefully this blog can show you how much I love you, so have faith, this is our ruff patch and if we can over come this we can over come anything. So know that I love you more than anything and I doing everything possible to bring you back home, where you really belong because the city sucks without you.=p

Your dumb Astroboy