Monday, January 31, 2011

Ur gone =[

I am officially sad again, thanks for leaving me again, lol.  I miss yo so much already and it not even 1 day.  I try really hard to keep my promise and smile a lot just like you told me. But my house is so empty without you, I really do hope you return with me in the summer.  That would be the best thing in the world.  So for now till then I will keep my promise and work really hard in both school and my boring job.  I really want to try to come down spring break for that one week even though it is so short I want to see you more than anything.  I hope you have that same  feeling too.  My bed is so lonely now I haven't slept since we woke up at 5 in the morning, I am having a lot of trouble.  I keep checking my fb or sky hoping you call soon but no luck =(. My room is so empty all your stuff is missing, I wish we had a chance to do more things.  I miss our midnight glee/movie time.  Or drinking hot tea and eating a little snack.  I miss hugging you then you push me away after five minutes only to find myself  hugging you in the morning because I know you will be to lazy to move.  I miss the train rides with you and running away from the cold snow.  I miss our 200x a week Thai dinner/lunch dates.  I miss you visiting me at work and that one time at school.  I miss doing the ear thing and bothering you.  I miss spending time with you and your family.  I wish we can do these things soon, so I pray I can make enough money to rush down and see my baby and bother you.

So Please come back soon your lonely sad man misses you way too much.

Love you soooo soooo sooo soooo soooo soooo soooo much,
your stupid astroboy
p.s. if u read this call me no matter what time ill be here waiting for you =)

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