Saturday, February 5, 2011

Miss you

I miss you babe please come back.  I cant sleep well at night and I worry so much cuz your still coughing.  I will try to make more money asap so that you can come back soon and hang out with your girls more often ok =).  And we can go on our crazy food adventures and see more things we havent seen yet.  I wish you were still here, I hate it when your gone cuz i have no one to be with and no one to go out with.  I promise I will show you I can take care of you and five you the things you want.  Plus it will be super fun I you were here with me we need to do so much more.  =)
So Come back and I will promise to make sure your always happy ok =).
This week ill rite something better and put pictures srry of the laziness but I am trying to make sure I get all my school work done so you can say u have a smart bf haha not a dumb dumb.

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