Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas shopping

Hola babe,

So today I went shopping with my dad for Christmas presents.  I think my dad was gonna shit himself because I spent more then he thought I was going to.  So today I woke up at 2 like a bum because I was studying and watching movies all night yesterday.  One of your nephews presents came today it looks pretty cool lol.
I hope they like this one.  It cool they deliver on a Sunday for holidays.

So today my dad and I went out for a walk because he still sad and stuff.  So I took him Christmas shopping with me.  We went to Soho to get my boss' present.  Got him for the Christmas gift for work, I got him a chicken hat a (cock)  haha. he always makes fun of my hat at work so I always joke i will get him a penis hat.
Then after we went shopping for Alex biggest pain in the ass to shop for you know that.  Alex never knows what he wants.  He is the biggest pain in the ass when it comes to Christmas.  At least I know you want a gift.  So my dad suggest a jacket.  so he and I walked into 1000000 stores to look for a jacket Alex might like.  It was so much work.  We found a jacket at Banana Republic we thought he might like.  It was originally 200 but it was 40 percent off so it came out to be 120 not bad.  I hope he likes if not he can return it not my problem lol.
Oh don't worry you still cost more.  That was the deal right you will cost the most no matter what.

Anyways I can't wait to see you in 6 days, well now 5.
you wanted a waffle right haha I love this one we have to go one day for waffles.

Love Astroboy,
P.S. I got the coolest movie thing for us when you get back I hooked it up and everything today, so at night we can watch a movie together. ^^

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