Saturday, December 18, 2010


hey babe,
It's 4 in the morning and I'm waiting for you to Skype me.  So I decided while I wait I should write stuff so you don't curse me out that I forgot lol.  This week has been a super busy week,  I did a lot of work and studying.  I hope I got enough hours this week so that we can go on a nice vacation, I have to take you to Atlantic city and Boston too right.  So I have to work more hours, I hope I can make enough money to go to all those places I promised you.  I am almost positive we can. I think you will be proud of me this year I am getting real good grades this semester like I promised you.  So far I ave 1 A and 1 B.  I think I will get 1 more A and maybe a B or B+. Then  I only have one class I don't know what grade I might get but I just need to study a lot, then I can definitely make you proud of me.

Love you,

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