Saturday, December 11, 2010

Long time no blog

Almost done with school so it means I will have time blog again.  I did really well in one class it was my Management class.  She sent me an email last week it said:
Dear Chris,
I hope your semester is ending well. I wanted to let you know that I have finished reading the course final projects. I sincerely appreciate that you shared your amazing RBS portraits and analyses with me. It was such a positive experience for me to learn so many wonderful things about you and my words here in an email don’t do justice to the level of appreciation I feel for having had the chance to get to know you better through this assignment.

Next, I wanted to let you know that I have posted the final grades for class online. Overall, the class did extremely well and you have earned the highest grades I have seen in this class—by far. So, bravo to you and your classmates for finishing this course on a high note. I particularly salute students who made notable improvement over the course of the semester, and I hope that you will see this reflected in your final grades.

Here is your grade information for the course (feel free to double-check against what you see online) and the final project (graded as Did Not Pass/Pass/High Pass based on the quality of the written analyses, the quality and number of themes, the number of respondents, and the number of domains represented):

Course grade: A
Final project grade: High Pass

I hope you have a wonderful winter break! Stay in touch!


How cool right my first A in college I hope there is more to come. Anyways I sorry I have been sleeping during our night talks I just so tired cause I been up late. I am so sorry, I try really hard to stay up.  I will try a lot harder to stay up now.  I working more hours next week so that will have a lot more money for things when you come down.  We going to San Francisco Im so excited haha I will try to plan a really god trip. And I hope we can go somewhere real cool while your here.  Like Atlantic city and Boston. All the places you want to go to Ill try my hardest to take you where you want while your here ok =).   I am so excited to see you and its only 2 more weeks.  How cool is that .  I hope your just as excited as I am.  I wanna do so much, we have 6 months of way time to make up right ^^. Don't worry you will have time to see your family and friends it won't be fair to them right?

So I will see you soon babe, I love you,



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