Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy 4th Anniversary

Dear Adorkable,

This has been an amazing 4 months, I cant tell you how much I love being your boyfriend.  Every minute we spent together has been amazing.  I wish like you we can have many more anniversaries, but instead of saying I wish I will say I look forward to our future anniversaries and I know every minute I spend waiting for you is worth the wait.  So don't regret anything for one minute.  I have so much to do for you when you come back to be prepared because I am preparing myself for your much awaited return.  I know you really want to come back, but enjoy Malaysia as much as you can ok.  Because If you really do return you will miss home.
Today when I went shopping for groceries I kept thing about when you came over almost every day and we meet at the grocery store so I could cook for you, I miss it so much.

Thought of when I met you here all the time when you were walking to my house.

So yesterday I received your mail, I was so surprised you got me something for our anniversary and something soooo big.  I was so happy you spent so much time to get me something, I really do want to open it up,  but because I messed up I can't.  I am sorry I didn't send mine's in time, then you wouldn't have to wait to see me smile.  I know I didn't mean to make you wait, I wanted to make you smile on this special day.  i sent out express they said 3-5 days so hopefully they ship it by the time you get back.  I spend a real long time making it I really hope you like it.  I hope it still looks nice inside.  I spent hours and hours making it I hope you enjoy it =), if yours is better my next one will be 10x cooler then, haha. I know I made a lot of mistakes so please bear with me for a little longer and I will show you I get it right.  It won't take long I promise.  I really wish I had money to give you everything, I don't want to be like this anymore,when I can't give you something when I really want to.  I am working super hard.  You deserve it, your so great I have to give everything to you..

Babe happy anniversary I am so glad I never gave up chasing you, all that hard work was worth it.  Now it feels like nothing can get much better.  I am going to be better for you, I know I am not romantic, but I do try to do things to show you that I love you.  I hope you can see my hard  work,  I really tried hard.  So please have faith ok.  I know your alone and it is frustrating that is why I try to be available as much as possible.  I love you babe, I will keep trying so please keep smiling for me.  Happy 4 months anniversary I really love you and miss you so so much.

-my phone picture haha hope you like it since it one you don't have lol.

Happy Anniversary =)
Love so much,
your Asrtoboy (wish I really was so I can fly to you when ever you we sad)

P.S. I really really think you would enjoy the gift haha. I really hope you like it. And please let me get you something from Urban I want to make it up to you, also I have a promise to keep right =). I love you and I miss you so much more everyday.

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