Saturday, August 28, 2010

Grocery shopping day

So today I woke up a little late haha, but it was worth it.  So I went to post office to resend it haha.  Then I went to China town =).  I walked there to save money, every penny counts towards your plane ride back right. =)
So I ate lunch and had one of your favorites:
CONGEEEEEE!!!!!! your favorite it had peanuts, beef, and squid.  That the one I use to eat when I was growing up haha.  I wish you were there to eat it with me.

So Then I went shopping for groceries it was a lot of work but I got a lot of things.  This is first time I bought vegetables by myself it was hard hard work.  Because it was hot and I had to walk alll the wayyyy home haha.  Hated it because it reminded me of our days together.

Heres a picture of little Italy I know you miss the city I tried to take one pic, the sun was blicking everything though sorry this is the best one haha  Next time I will get a better one ok.

Oh and here is a couple taking wedding photos on the street sorry for the sun again.  It was so pretty, it reminded me of when you took the pics at Soho.

So I hope everything is great In Malaysia I really miss you, and I really have to bring you back Asap. =)
I am probably not doing anything tomorrow again haha.

your dork
P.s. miss you so much, I wish you were here

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