Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Don't be angry ok. I decided to not listen to you and stay up all night. I just can't to sleep until I know that your flight has arrived safely from Hk to Malaysia. I understand that you want me to get good rest but it is hard to sleep until I know your safe. I know its 4am but its only a couple more hours till morning so whats the sense lol, I will just sleep earlier tomorrow haha. But don't worry I don't know how much longer I can stay up. I took medicine because my throat still hurts and I think they have the nasty side effects of a sleep pill. I dozed off twice already but I am trying to fight it. This will probably make you more angry because you worry about my health, but I worry about your safety so I am going to be up all night until you let me know your safe at home. Plus I refuse to get sick until I have made enough money to bring you back. It sucks I can't take care of you any more, so this is the closest thing for me right now. So don't get angry ok.=p I just wanna hear your voice and tell me "I safe dumb dumb go to sleep."
your baby
p.s. I miss you terribly
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