Friday, August 27, 2010

Friends and cheese

So today I went to the post office to drop off the present, after spending hours on skype with you and once again sorry.  I really enjoyed our conversations today and last night.

Oh our train

After I got  on train I met up with Pia (my sister ) because I was early we talked a lot about what she been up to and you =).  She said work hard so I can make you proud of me, cool beans right. Oh she has shoes like the ones you love =).

We had some pink berry because everyone was late and we didn't eat all day, tried watermelon again your right no bueno, but had my favorites haha the yogurt chips, choco shavings and coconut with the sauce.
After we waited for Chris and Paul at Macbar for dinner, my favorite =).

Chris, bad picture hahah, but you met him a couple of times I believe.

This is Paul he is Pia's age and really really cool you would like him.
He traveled Asia last summer and said I had to go to Hong Kong and Thailand but not Bangkok too city and not to nice.  So we will go when we save up ok.

They really like the food today I am so glad haha everyone made sure we had something else so that we can try the different flavors.  We thought Chris was hitting it off with the cashier but we found out it was one of our friend's brother's GF haha.  We fail haha but it was funny because we were so happy.

 Me and Chris' Mac and Cheese Mayan Chipotle .
Pia and Paul, Mac'shroom and Stroganoff

It was really fun, but I missed you whole time cause we keep talking bout you. =(  But we sat and ate for an hour and talked and chilled. Then I went home to talk to you and they went to a real bar, but passed out on the couch waiting haha sorry.

Might go paint Pia apartment with brothers and Paul Sat afternoon.

Love you soooo much,
Your dork

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