Monday, August 30, 2010

Alex's moving day

So today was such a long babe, I had to wake up early to take Alex to college. I wanted to wake up at 7 to talk to you, but I woke up at 10 instead, fail xP. Sorry I really did want to talk to you, I really miss you a lot you know that babe? =) Every one says I look sad all the time haha.

So we had to take the subway and metro north to go his dorm. That suitcase was sooo heavy haha I had to carry it up and down the stairs like 10x. Work out for the day. So this is Alex going to college as we wait and hour for the next metro north.

So here is me waiting haha.
I look high school still blahhhh.

I spent so much money today because I paid for all the subways and passes for me and Alex haha.  It was bad and sucked even more beacuse I couldn't talk to you.

It was on sale since it was Sunday, thank God haha.

Since the wait was so long I had chicken vegetable soup with noodles yup. I wish you were here to drink with me I know you love it.

So after i dropped Alex off at his dorm I went to Lincoln Center to meet up with Chris and hang with him while he was working.  We had to wait 3 hours to eat lunch it was a terrible wait but we got free food after.  Cool beans right?

Its not much but it tasted really really really really good haha, we ate till we where full.

So after hanging with Chris I went home and took a long nap because I didn't get much sleep.  So I napped till  10 then I cooked beef bowl and miso soup it was soooooo good I gotta back it for you.  It taste so good.

I miss you a lot and I hope your having fun with your grandma.  I hope I can get you back as soon as possible it sucks here with out you.

your dumb dumb
P.S.  Should I really cut my hair its this long. Bet you gonna say ugly cut it hahaha.

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