Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My boring day

After we hung up, I went to sleep till 4.30 haha.  But it was worth the wait to talk to you, I really missed you a lot.  So please enjoy Malaysia as much as possible ok, I will work hard and save every penny to bring you home ok.  Enjoy your family and Cherish every moment.
So what I did today was keep my promise and went grocery shopping so that I can cook today, but Alex went out to a METS game right before I went out.  He didn't wanna eat my cooking I guess haha. 

This is the out side of my house took the picture on my phone haha.  It looks so scary haha.

So I went to our grocery store we always shop at and I bought ingredients to make Fettuccine
Alfredo with your favorite shrimp.

I brought some limes so that I can make some juice, I am gonna get it good before you come back.  So you can drink asssss much as you can.

Here see I always were the watch like promised haha, so you too ok.  I really miss you so much but every time I look at it I think about you fun trip......

 I cooked something I know you like. I am gonna try to learn all the dishes you like so I can see you smile everyday. I made he shrimp you love so much, the one I brought to your school all the time. I learned what I was missing all those time it was garlic haha.
Taste really really good and I know you will love it.  So I need a list of everryyyyyyyyyy thinggggggggg you like ok.  I'm gonna become so good you can't say no to me haha.

I really miss you so much I will be here when you wake up ok.

Oh yea Sean is working tomorrow, so I think I am gonna shop for your surprise and see one high school friend because he is going to Florida next week for college, and tell your sister I will wait for her to send or meet me to give you your gift before I send you my surprise ok.

your dumb dumb
P.S. I told you I will update as much as possible so you have something to read everyday =).

Try to take a black and white Polaroid of the flowers for you.  But it looks like weed haha sorry.  Miss me a lot ok, because I miss you terribly. Oh yea you wanna know something it has been raining every day since I been here I think New York misses you a lot =).

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