Sunday, August 29, 2010

A really lonely day

So today sucked, I hated it honestly.  You know i miss you so much, and I felt like we didn't end our phone call so well. So I was kinda sad the whole day, you have that effect on me =p.  I feel bad because it seems like I can't fulfill a promise I really want to fulfill.  I mean today is our anniversary in Malaysia time and 40 minutes into it here and I messed up I feel.  You didn't smile much today and it sucked.  I won't mess up with sending out gifts again babe I'm sorry.  You didn't deserve it.  I'm super sorry forgive me ok, no excuses I should have sent it out.

Well anyway today I only did two useful things , first I cooked lunch for Alex since it was his last day before he goes off to college.
Here are the ingredients lol, it Portabella Mushrooms, onions and jalapeno peppers.  For the vegetables

Here it is cooking. That is the meat, Do you know what it is?

Here is the end product lol its your favorite philly cheese steak....... haha
So after I worked on my website a lot and changed the whole tip section because it was too messy. lol So now it is a lot neater. check it out babe.  Then I took a nap for 4 hours and waited to talk to you the rest of the day exciting right haha.

Miss you so much,
Your helplessly in love boyfriend
P.S. I love you

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