Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New sneakers, friends, and games

 So today was nothing like I imagined it to be, but still was a fun day. I woke up after getting 3 hours of sleep
thanks to the financial aid office to my school haha.

 Then I spent the whole morning talking to you it was very enjoyable.

So my friend Jison couldn't make it today, uhhhh thanks to him and Sean i stayed home but something else came up which was pretty cool.  3 of Alex's friends came over and chilled, to play Wii.  All three are real cool and you know conner was over.  They played an older Mario party it looks so much fun, we have to get that one (you would love it).  Then after I joined then and played a little too it was pretty fun

Another cool thing happened I got my sneakers and it only took 2 days.  They were the ones I showed you on They were $50 but they had a sale so it was only 12.  I bought tan ones to match the jacket I bought.

Only problem is my jacket was delivered but no one was home, so they left it with one of my neighbors and didn't tell me who.  I check next door like 5 times today but no one home sucks right =(.  I want them soon I'll pray real hard.

Anyway I miss you a lot babe,  I miss those days where I can pick you up at school, Kind makes me sad you graduated haha.  I think you should go back so I can pick you up everyday haha. jkjk  But I really do miss it but I am proud of you

I will wait for you to wake up and call me I miss you so much. Please don't worry about my sleeping habits, I don't mean to make you worry.  But I promise I am ok, and I wont get sick.  Miss me a lot =). Have fun with your brothers no matter what.

Astroboy mwahhhh
p.s. I think I will finally hang out with my friends tomorrow lets hope haha, or then we are right I have no more friends lol.  But don't matter as long as I got you. <3 Oh yea have fun on your first day of work with your brother.

Also update your blog or email me once haha I miss it I keep clicking on both hoping you did something.  

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