Monday, November 22, 2010

Dreaming about you

Today was one of those days where I stayed in bed doing homework. Boy was it a long day, I was glad I was able to talk to you all morning, it was great being able to talk to you again.  It was fun when you kept hanging up and I kept calling you back. Until your mom came in, which ended the little game.  Once you hung up I went back to sleep so I could have a lot of energy to finish my work.  I dreamed about us, it was like I was reliving so many things but they were different in a sense too.  It made me remember summer.  I was the happiest this summer with you.  I thank god everyday because summer went by so slow, I tried to enjoy every minute we had together.  Do you remember the summer, where we went out almost everyday and I saw you no less then 5 times times a week.  Where we would spend the whole day in a movie theater watching movies from morning to night.  I miss when you would hug me when we watch movies so that you can stay warm.  do you remember who many movies we saw together.  Even when a movie sucked I was glad we went because we would talk the whole day about what we saw.  Or when we saw something good we would talk about it for days.  Or when we just spent the whole day in my house would would nap all day watch movies and law and order.  I would make you a grill cheese sandwich (haven't made one in so long) and for dinner we would cook together.  You loved to make your Caesar salad it was so fun cooking together, I wish we can do it forever.

Do you remember our shopping days, we go to Soho or fifth ave.  We would walk for hours going from store to store.  We would pick out a bunch of things for you to try on, I loved it when you found something you really liked, and i liked it more when I was able to give you that.  It made me feel happy knowing that on one of our future date you would wear that shirt or dress proudly.  Or how about when we were silly and when we tried on all the accessories.  I remember your silly laugh when I had the bow on with the glasses you couldn't stop smiling even though i was so dumb it was so great you were smiling so big.  We laugh really hard  .  I also loved it when you found something for me to wear, I know I didn't buy it most of the time.  But I honestly really like what you did choose, it just that I really wanted to get you things more because I loved when you got new clothes.  You were always the happiest when you got a cute dress and you would talk for hours about your new clothes. I know I always complain when I buy you stuff, but it was worth it to hear you talk and smile.  Your not a shopoholic btw, yes you do shop but you do know when to stop.

You remember our crazy fun food adventures. How many coupons we bought haha, we didn't get to use so many of them but thats ok, because we went to so many places.  One of favorites where the $1 oyster days and the all you can eat mussels.  I loved trying new things with you.  We always ate our fill every night, you remember the amazing bread at Gusto.  I can;t wait to see you again, so we can go back there thats my favorite restaurant because of the waiter and the food.  You remember that day we went to the Brooklyn bridge and we ate at kati after.  We were there for so long, I enjoyed everything that day one of our most perfect dates, walking across the Brooklyn bridge and then walking Brooklyn heights, looking at the houses, taking pictures in front of other people's houses pretending we live in them.  That cute neighborhood is so us, I know it is expensive thats why I am going to work hard so that we can live there one day.  That piggy back ride where we got the guy to take the picture and he took so long and kept messing up you almost crushed me haha.  You were so worried when you got off you kept asking if I was ok.  Haha you were super cute at that moment.  Or when we brought the ice cream and you wanted to take a picture but you kept saying turn it or now do this and it started to melt, we had to eat it as fast as we could.  We laughed so much that day.  Another great night this summer was Zenkichi remember the new 50mm you got and we tested it out everywhere.  We had a great time at the restaurant and had a new experience.  The food was so unique I wish we tried more. Then we talked around that area the whole night and we tried to get the blur with the 50mm lens, I really enjoyed taking pictures, I wish you were back so I can take more.

Remember the when we went to the natural history.  I was begging you to go to that one for weeks.  We dressed up like nerds that day.  We left a little at and we went to go for some  cake at lady M.  That cake was so amazing it was to die for.  The creepe was so soft  and fluffy and the cream was the best thing I have ever eaten.  We got to the museum with one hour left but we managed to go see everything interesting.  Remember those silly photos we took like fighting the bear or with the dinosaurs.  I wish we  had an hour more to play around more.  Then we ended the night with the dinner at Gyu Kaku because I promised you a graduation dinner there.  How fun was that night, we cooked our own food and we burned ourselves on the hot stream like 100 times because we were so dumb.  I enjoyed each of these dates and they each hold a special place in my heart.  I know we can't go back to them but we can make new ones and I will wait a life time just to continue our adventures.  We are no where close to done.  We just started New York and now we have to try the rest of the world, so be a little more patient. It is hard right now but I promise you I will love you more everyday.  Because its been really lonely in Ny without you and we're ready to get our baby back.

Miss you,

P.S. I love you no matter what, I know it hard babe but thats why I try so hard so you don't have to work as hard. I just want to show you your never alone.  Because I will always love you.

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