Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving/Black Friday

Hey babe,

This week has been has been pretty crazy.  Thursday was Thanksgiving we went over to Aunty Suzann's house again.  We had a lot of fun. We all came late this year traffic was terrible, we got there around four. I was soooo hungry I wanted to eat so bad but Nicky wasn't there yet and he is the one who cooks the most food so we had to wait for him to come lol.  When he go there we all ate, everyone brought a lot of food, there were a lot of choices, they even had crab cakes ^^ MMMMMMMMmmmmm lol.  I had so many things to eat I didn't stop eating; I ate till we left which was around 1:30.  For dessert they had green tea cake and a lot of other things, the cake was really good.  I drank for the first time in awhile with Steven, but we drank like we always did, I'm proud to say I still got it haha.  Nah but it was fun because I kept stealing Julie's beer and she keep telling me they have your beer down stair but it was wayyy to far haha.  So I keep taking hers haha, and then Steven kept pouring me wine .  My brother and Steven tried to play clue with my little cousin it was really funny, because he set up the game and he did it wrong but they didn't know so they played for an hour until I got nosey and checked on the awnser for the game.  Then towards 6 or 7 we played the family favorite Jenga.  That was fun I didn't knock down the tower once.  We hung out till 1.30 and Nick drove us home because my parents got tired and left around 12.30.  We spent the whole time talking about the most embarrassing moment of our lives so we can come up with something embarrassing for Phil's wedding.  Alex had the most most embarrassing story. It was so funny listening to everyone you would have loved hearing what happened to everyone.

Yesterday was Black Friday, we went pretty late because my dad got back from the hospital around 7.30. So they slept in late, but it doesn't really matter I didn't care much for the shopping I just wanted shoes.  We went to Crossing's, we got there around 5ish.  We ened up buying a good amount of things I got more then I usually get but I'm happy with my items I was able to get this year.I tried to find you clothes that you might like  jackets and bags, but I had no such luck.  I also went to look for Uggs but the line was wayyyyyy to long and my mom refused to wait so I checked Nine west (as you recommended) but they didn't have your size.  I really wanted to get you something cool but i'm sorry to say I failed.  This is what I brought.
 Gap Sweater my favorite Military style. Love the big buttons and the neck.
 My favorite Kenneth Cole vest. I like it a lot.
 Black shoes for the winter because all I have are canvases.
 5 dollar Walmart shoes I actually like them a lot haha.
 And the Boat Shoes the one thing I came to buy I love them so much and the color is so unique I really like these.
Next year we must shop together ok, I will save up as much as I can so that we can have fun looking for your clothes this time ^^.

Love you,

P.S. Everyone asked about you they wanted know where you were, They also all cheered and said happy Thanksgiving to you it was super loud and crazy haha but thats my crazy family. ^^

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