Wednesday, November 3, 2010

5 Days Alone. Still Standing?

Dear babe,

As you get ready to depart on your vacation, I can't help feeling more lonely then usual.  Even though the past week was the least time I have spent with you ever since you returned to Malaysia.  I am so scared to be alone. This is the first time since I meet you we will go on so long with out talking.  I am super scared to be alone so you need to come back missing me more than ever.  I'm glad we spent so much time together the day before you left. It was a nice way to start my day and end your night.  I wish your trip is fun and safe, but even though your having so much fun try to remember me ok?  I will try to save up as much money as I can so that I can take my own vacation and see you.  I know it scary because of your parents, but it something I have to do soon before it is too late for us.  You know how crazy I am about you lol, even though it might be a bad move I ready to try my hardest to convince your dad I will be good enough for you.  Don't worry I'm scared, but sometimes we gotta face our fears, right?

So we can have more of these moments. Sorry for the same picture hahah but I love this one so much.

I'm sorry I'm always so clingy but it's because I miss you so much.  I am trying not to be as much as I am now but it is really hard.  I like the long talks where we laugh and talk for hours, those are the best.  Even if your not talking I am happy unless you owe me a talk and till 12, lol.  I know I want to get married to you I know it scary sounding but I think your perfect.  I don't care how much work it takes and how extravagant you want it.  I say I want to give you the best wedding so it cool with me, anywhere you want in the world.  Anything you want I will give it to you, I will try so hard to make it perfect the way you dreamed it to be.

I don't care how crazy you think I am, lol unless it restrain order crazy then I will stop haha.  You said you want to go to London I support that idea, but try here first where i can step back and help you when you really need me.   Then go to London I know you want to go real bad.  If you want to go I can't stop you but I'll try my best to follow you. I want you to enjoy your life with no regrets.  But France is so much more you.

I have a fun and safe trip this week I will miss you so much, every second your gone.  I will try to take care of myself without you here to keep me company,just know ill be a very lonely old man a very sad lonely old man
very very very sad lonely old man. HAHA I will miss you that much lol.  But I do hope you have fun and a safe trip so you can tell me all about it.  Take lots of photos too.

I love you so so so so so so so much,
P.S. Miss me more than ever ok when when your having fun. haha

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