Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Saturday adventures

Dear Baby,

So on Saturday I got to see Jackie, Gracie, and Rui.  We went to eat Dim Sum, vegetarian Dim Sum it was different but it wasn't half bad.  So things were weird but most of it was pretty good.  Rui brought her niece she is sooo cute, she was super shy and every time we try to talk to her she hind her face.  Jackie said she wasn't shy when she threw a water balloon at her head last time they saw each other lol.  But it was nice, I help her with her chess homework because I'm a dork like that.  It was fun they talk about work and then we joked around a lot it was a nice lunch.  Then when we were leaving we passed a fair inside a church and Jackie bought cotton candy for her and the niece it was so funny because the little girl made a big mess and got all the candy all over her face.  And Jackie kept bothering Grace with the white part of the cotton candy, it was so funny she kept blowing on it to bother Grace and the little girl.  After Rui and her niece left and we went to the basement in Chinatown to buy origami paper.  We brought paper to make stars I was so angry I didn't have money becuase I really want to buy some too haha.

After we went to go to Ikea.  We took the Water Taxi it was so pretty because the sun was setting.

Sorry these were the only pictures I took because I had 15 percent battery and I wanted to make sure I had enough power to call you.  I took these pictures because I wish you were there to see it.  I saw this man cover the lady when she was cold u can kinda see it in the last picture  I missed you so much at that moment because I wished so bad we went together.  It's for free too haha I didn't even know that.  We went to Ikea to charge Gracie I pod and to go look for things for Jackie's house.  It was really fun we stayed in one of the example living rooms it was so pretty I decided that brown walls are really pretty.  I wish we can paint our house,decorate it and design it.  So I have to save on the side for when you come back.  Ok I want to make you the cutest room with little pictures of me and you and your friends and all of your your walls.  Anyways they tried to get me to eat the meatballs because they say it was amazing but I didn't to save money and because I felt bad and I didn't want to eat when they couldn't.  We had fun in Ikea we hid in the closets and we tried out Jackie's favorite chair, we have to get one it soooo comfortable. We had ice cream at the end though only a dollar haha so it was ok to spend.  After while we were waiting for the water taxi back we found out Gracie had to go to Dale's baby shower.  We tried really hard the whole time to  convince her not to go because she didn't want to but she felt bad if she skipped. Jackie and I came up with a million excuses because Jackie and I didn't want to wait for her while she was at the baby shower haha.  When the boat arrived we walked to find a J train but it was closed so we kept walking.  We found a CVS and bought this Giant bear for Dale's baby.
Haha looks so wrong looks naughty didn't mean to do that I wanted to show you how big it was haha. Only $20 it was so cheap but it feels cheap to it was that or diapers haha and diapers were more expensive.  So while we were going into the subway Jackie and I were able to convince Gracie not to go but I had to bring the bear home until I could bring it to Uniqlo so I have a giant bear in my room staring at me when I sleep now haha.  It was a fun day I hope you come back soon so you can hang out with them they are really fun to be with and I know you would love them.  I missed you the whole day because Jackie and Grace are so close I felt left out, I wish you were here so bad.  I will save up as much as I can and work more hours if possible so that you can come back and go on a trip with all your girl friends ok =).


P.S. Miss me a lot too and I will see you soon. MWAHHHHHHHHHH

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