Friday, November 19, 2010


Dear babe,

Oh I hope you can enjoy it so much.  I hate my self so much for not being able to celebrate this one I promise promise promise I'll never miss another one.  Oh man I hope your family can at least make you smile.  Oh and I hope you love the package I got you.  I know I suck at getting presents and I probably need more work on that but I pray you like this one, I know I keep telling you but I worked so hard on the card lol.  I hope its good enough to live up to your expectations (I try to be creative) I used up to brand new glue sticks and many hard spent hours, but those hours felt very rewarding to me because it was for my baby and I love to show you I care about you.  Your the most special girl actually person to me in this WHOLE WIDE WORLD so I hope you can tell ^^.  I had so much planned for your birthday this year because I wanted to beat the amazing birthday you gave me.  If you ask me one more time I will tell you what I had plan for you, but then it means I can't do it next year for you =(.  So I have to come up of one 2x better then the next year 3x better then so on and so on haha.  That will be hard but I will try suppperrr hard to make all your birthdays unforgettable.  I am sorry I didn't do it this year.  I hate myself for not fighting with you to come back because I wanted to see you on your birthday.

You want to know something? Did you know that your birthday was the most special day for me, not our restaurant week one that is second haha.  But you don't know how happy I was that you let me take you out on your birthday.  Even though my gift wasn't the greatest, I cherished every minute from that day.  All the time we spent talking you remember we got there 7.30ish and we talked till we were the last ones there.  It was so amazing, I was so happy when you loved your desserts and when you couldn't chose what to order we got 3 desserts for you to try.  I loved that night because your smile lit up the room and if you didn't notice I didn't take my eyes off of you for one second.  I wish you can be here or me there to continue our food adventures and so I can see your smile one more time.

Then for my birthday you really out did yourself.  Did you know that it was the first time someone ever did something for me on my birthday.  The way you surprised me the way you lied to me saying your coming from class but you were setting up to surprise me.  Remember who you surprise me and I was so happy.  You gave me the most unforgettable birthday ever.  Even though we spent most of the time in the morning/afternoon at my house I was so happy.  I'm sorry I didn't let you pay for lunch, because I know you wanted to take me, but I still was so happy with how everything turned out.  That whole day went perfect for me.  Dinner it was so great, you and my family when you guys are together I feel so happy.  You gave me a day I could never forget with the last present being the best.  I still have everything you gave me, its in a special Kirby drawer.  And did you know I ate half the cupcakes you bought me and I tried to save them for a longer time but they went bad and my mom told me to throw em out, but I refused and ate every single one because you worked so hard to make my birthday special.   You present was so cool I loved the camera I know I don't use it but its only because it is something I want for our photo's only.

I know I haven't given you the birthday of your dreams yet and I know one day I will be able to but till then I will keep on trying to think of new ways to top the one you gave me.  I wish you a very happy birthday and just know I will be there next year with you giving you the time of your lifeeeee haha so be ready because after next years birthday you will never top me again.  HAHA Love you enjoy your special day, please don't let anything get you down.  You have to smile so I know I can smile to knowing your ok, becuase when your not smiling I am sad and trying to figure out ways.  To bad I suck at it but I'll show you I can get the hang of it,

Happy birthday,
Chin Fong/ Astroboy

P.S. I love you, so so so so much.  More than anything I wish I could be there or you here anything.

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