Monday, November 15, 2010

Missing you more and more

Hi babe,

I hope your weekend at your grandma's was a good one.  It's really boring here when your not home because I have no one to talk to.  It sucks your more busy now, but I understand that you want to have fun so go out and enjoy yourself^^.  I just wish you were here enjoying yourself more.  I miss the summer where we would relax and go to different places in the city, I kinda wish I wasn't such a dork who loved taking naps, because I wish we explore the city more.  But honestly I really did enjoy those naps and lazy days they were the best so I don't regret a thing.  But that means we have to do all the things we haven't done in the future.  I have been thinking so much about us because it the only thing I do these days haha.  But I am so glad we met each other and went through all these things it was truly an amazing experience and I hope it only gets more exciting haha.  My sister and brother ask so much about us like it was a Korean soap their dorks, but I'm happy I got someone to help cheer me up when I miss you.  They say things like you have to be happy so you can work hard and marry Kirby or other things that would make you say stupid.  But it's a great thing what you and I have I only hope I can be more for you so you can smile real big in the future and be happy with the way life turned out.  I have been trying my hardest to make and save up every penny I make to keep my promise about coming down and seeing you,  I hope I can save up more money so we can go some where special just you and me for one week. I also hope I can show your parents how much I love you and how much I am willing to do just to keep both you and your family happy.  I really do wish we can get married in the future and do all those things I promised you.  I do want to see the whole world its always been my dream to travel the world, and what better then to do it with the person you love. Right? I mean we can go to so many places and see some of the most beautiful scenes, try all types of food, good ones, pretty ones, bad ones, nasty ones, ones that us stomach aches haha.  I want to do it all with you go to beaches, go hiking and even skiing.  I wish we can do all those things, Right now I know there are a lot of things you want to do and I am not stopping you but I want to be included in those plans.  I don't want to feel left out I hate that you don't want me there sometimes it hurts be that I can't be there to experience those things with you.  I know I am still a student but that's why I say I could study abroad.  I will still graduate on time just I will be in where ever for a semester.  So try to understand how bad I want to be there with you if you decide to go to London I want to go too, New Zealand Ill be there, the poorest part of the world I will be there.  I don't care where babe I just want to be there with you so please let me.  But don't let me your dad or anyone stop you from ever going to a place you want ok? Don't regret anything, you always have me, if you want to go somewhere I will save up every penny and I will help you.  I promise.  I know a lot of things I tell you things that sounds like bs but you know I would do anything for you no matter what and no matter the cost.  So please have faith in me, I really want to show you I can do anything its for you.  So try for me to no matter how much pain in the ass it is.

Love you,

P.S. When you come back we will get you an apartment for yourself ok.  But we must go to Ikea and shop together for all those cool things ok.  I would love to shop with you  and build all those tings together. You and I paint your room haha and I will cook for you after a long day of work and we can drink hot coco and watch a movie. To me that is a perfect day with you. So hurry back and I'll hurry down there to show your family I can be that guy. ^^
I love you so much, more than the world

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