Wednesday, March 16, 2011

cheer up

Hey babe,
Just letting you know for the 100th time today I miss you and I really wish you where here with me on break because I am super lonely.  So you called me yesterday in tears and it made me really sad and worried, please don't cry love.  You know he didn't mean that he just loves you so much he scared that his little baby would forget him.  But I promise when I get a really job we will visit them every year or I will be the worst boyfriend lover husband or what ever their is.  I hope you decided that 700 isn't a lot because that is what I think haha, you know me being greedy and stuff but I would do anything to hold my baby in my arms.  Oh I been working really hard at work trying to learn as much as possible for computers and I have learned a lot these past two weeks tomorrow I have to do special training with so of the guys who does all the hands on work with computers and printers so make sure I don't go late and curse me out if you have too ^^.  I wish this week could have been spent with you but I guess April will be even better right? Haha only 2 more months of school then we get to spend time together a lot more and I hopefully get this internship so then we can save up for a apartment for you or vacation.  We'll see right hahaa.  And I will look for jobs for you I have a good idea of places that are hiring and not retail lol.   I hope we can last forever because your my dorky loser girl friend and I love you the most.  ^^  I hope one day your mom and dad would understand that, but if not I will try my best to convince them. I hope you enjoy your weekend with your grandma and parents, I will miss you a lot but that just means I will be calling your phone 24/7 even if it gets you in trouble haha.  and don;t listen to anyone else you yourself knows that your not trying to come back for me and don't care if people say I am younger.  The only thing that matters is what you want and not what others want or think. Ok probably gonna hate this post because I sad that but oh well haha.  Well wish me luck in getting the internship because I need it bad so that I can see my baby ASAP.
Love you,
Your dork head,
Chin Fong
P.S. I misssss youuuuu

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