Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hey there yellow bear,
You brought to my attention recently that you miss all the things that I use to do for you.  I am sorry I don't do all those things for you anymore. I know it sucks I don't do that but it doesn't mean I don't love you, I love you so much more now and maybe thats why I stopped, I was so comfortable and I felt like there was no need to keep doing those things because you knew I loved you.  But I forgot that those small things made you feel special and it was something you really liked about me.  And I know I have been lacking in the surprise department lately.  So I want you to give me another chance to show you that I remembered your favorite dessert or that I was thinking of you when I saw this earring.  So I hope you don't have to tell me I miss when you... anymore because I don't want to make you feel like I forgot you even for a minute.  Because if you believe me or not I am thinking of you every minute.  And I miss you more than ever right now.  I miss our late night movies and cleaning your ears and going ewwwwww.  I miss walking with you and going to your favorite restaurants.  I know you love all this things and I promise I won't stop doing as time goes on^^.

So today I went to my cousins birthday party and boy was I bored.  It was such a good thing that I left a couple hours late haha ^^.  Because he ended up being 4 hours late. HAHA Soooo cooool I am on that Filipino time lol.  My cousin was so surprised haha the look on his face was so funny but he was high so it was even funnier. Anyways I talked to him and he wants to take me to the movies this week so well see haha.  So I left as soon as they cut the cake because I was so bored haha. I wanted to talk to you so here I am writing to you lol.

I love you,
cant wait

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