Wednesday, March 2, 2011



Sorry I haven't written to you in so long. I am sorry I try so hard to study and do well for my baby.  I think you miss my dumb written haha because I miss yours when you don't write to me. I am so happy because yesterday was our anniversary or was it 2 days ago because it was the 29th so when does it count haha.  I hope the necklace you wanted was good for this time I hope I can give you so much more very soon.  So I will work so much harder so my baby can go to anywhere she wants and I don't have to say no or wait a couple of months.  I  won't give up till we go somewhere nice that will make my baby smile.  Talking about going away soon makes me so happy even though it might not be till summer it is enough for me to smile everyday and work harder and harder. I am sorry I sleep so much but I will try to stay up in the mornings more and sleep earlier just like you want. Thank you for always caring about me.  I am so happy we almost been together for a year it feels like a life time, I only wish we last a life time.  No matter how lazy how or how ever many imperfections you have I will still love you for who you are not someone I want you to be.  I am grateful for such a great girl friend and hopes one day you too will love me the way I do you.  But till then I will do what ever I can to show you that I will never stop loving you I the way I do now.  I want to travel the world with you see what the world has to offer and in the future if I am not rich I don't care as long as your there with me, becuase any life will be happy if we are together.

 So when ever you feel down please trust me enough to tell me what bothers you, becuase you know I won't judge I will listen and support what ever you feel even if I must work that much harder.  And don't worry I wanna work hard for you so we can have a happy life in the future.  Oh yea and I think this time Europe sounds perfect that is your type of place the food the sites.  Everything there is you its vintage and it has that feel you love the views are beautiful and one we shall enjoy together so wait just a bit longer and we will go to Europe our first time together this summer. ^^

Love you baby,

P.S. I can't wait till you get home so I can talk to you

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