Sunday, March 6, 2011

=( please cheer up cuz i misses your smile mrs

Hey baby,
I been worried lately because you have been pretty down and it makes me sad to think that you aren't happy.  I wish I could be there with you right now more than anything.  I just keep thinking about seeing you lately, thats all I want to do.  Thanks to Alexandra I might have a chance to work for one of the biggest companies in the US and make enough money to see you as much as I want.  But thats only if I get it and there is a good chance it might not happen, but I will stay positive because seeing you is all I want.  Sorry I always say that I want you to come down now, it must be annoying and hard on you.  I know that, you know me I dream so much my head is always stuck in the clouds.  Don't worry I only daydream about being with you nothing else lol =p.  So pls forgive me if I keep saying it, it helps me work harder when I believe I see you so soon.

Anyways I worked a lot today and my dad cleaned up the house like crazy he threw so much crap away from the living room i think our flowers too for my mom lol but it so nice looking outside.  while he was cleaning I was still reading up on Pixar for class essay I am suppose to be writing for my class, it kinda cool what they made and did.  I hope you and I can take your nephews to see cars2 ^^ I wanna see it too like a little kid haha.  I took a break from studying to make a background for my laptop should be a desktop with the amount of pounds it weights(9lbs omfg!!!) haha.  But I'm not too happy with it so ill try to make another one later tell me if you like it or if I should do another one I won't do it today but this Tuesday or Wednesday.  Key board lights up if you couldn't tell to any color I want I chose blue so it can match back round blue or white is better? Because last test is Tuesday thank god haha I have break next week for spring and then i have Easter break in April so I will try to get you to talk to me as much as you can next week lol.  Then on break I will hopefully have enough money to see you or you come back and we go on a small trip to Virgina or something.  Who knows time will tell right ^^? my baby's favorite line haha.

 Love you,
P.S. I decided to dress up the bear Gracie left in my room haha, I gonna dress him up once in awhile because I want to see if cheers you up once in a while ^^.  I hope it does

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