Friday, March 4, 2011

My week

Hey baby,

I had a long week this week so long yawwwnnnnn.  I feel so tired becuase I been so busy with study and work I haven't had much sleep, but it ok because it only till Tuesday then I have the week after off which is pretty cool right?  More time with you that means ^^. Anyways this week has been a long long week starting with Monday with my first midterm which I hope I did well because Alex and I study so hard together on Saturday. Then I had a really long Tuesday starting off with work.  I woke up late for work becuase I was studying for my tuesday midterm till late night.  At work I had to buy my bosses birthday stuff when I went on lunch I had to get him a fruit cheese cake from whole foods, a birthday card and 4 bottle of soda.  So much to card I thought I was gonna drop cake.  I think I got him the best birthday card everyone at work laughed really hard.

  After that I had to go to Bronx to take my midterm to only find out it was going to be held next week omg so all that work for know reason.  Then I had to study all night till 4 on Tuesday and Wednesday night for my two test today and that was so much work..  I was so tired today I almost missed my stop on the train beause I was so tired.  I had my first test at 11.30 and I killed it ^^.  But then I had to study for my night test and instead i passed out for 3 hours becuase I was so tired haha.  The night test was Finance it was so hard I didn't bring the chart like the whole class because I didn't get the email =( so I had trouble on the test I was lucky that one of the students finished 30 mins before the test was over so I got to borrow it and fill out all the questions I had blank (because I needed the chart.  I think I did ok but not good it was really hard.  I hope I do well then the one of the best things happened to me this week after you of course so don't worry ^^ lol.  My laptop finally came in and baby I gotta say it quite sexy, I am charging it right now so I can't use it =( but it ok.  Talking to you made me forget about it.

  And now we talk about travel I hope you come back so we can go somewhere if I can save up enough.  I pray I can because I wanna go somewhere with you ASAP. !!

Love you baby,

P.S. Can't wait to see you I miss you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much haha yup that much times 100.

My lunch yesterday your favorite tom yum with pad thai I ate the spring roll becuase I was so hungry so it was missing haha.

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