Sunday, October 31, 2010

Busy week

Hi love,
Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile I been really tired, but I'll start writing more for you.  My bad babe.  This week was a long week filled with work (school and job) but I was happy I got to spend time with you.
This was the only cool thing I did at work, I took it apart and installed some things so we can use two screens at once for one desktop.  It was pretty cool.  And it sucks on Wednesday the one time I had tome to talk to you that day three people came in to ask for help. =p But what was cool was on Friday I spent the whole day with you, while you were sleeping.  It was nice to know that there are times for me to use Skype during work. 
Crazy good doughnut it was amazing it was fresh made and coated in warm sticky sugar.  It was a great doughnut.  They gave it out at work and I was happy I was there haha.

Thursday we had the group project, we had to go to a cafe and rate the m based on service and everything.  It was a cool project. We went to a cafe near my house like on 10th and 2nd ave.  I got hot coco and my group mates got all the coffee drinks.  It was good but to expensive.  I think that we should go look for cafes when you get back, there are a lot of them by my house apparently haha so we have to go there and spend the day reading and relaxing drinking coco or coffee. I wish we can go and do that so you have to miss me a lot. So we can do these things.

Look Halloween is starting up , I took the picture because the girl is wearing a kimono like you were last Halloween, made me miss you so much more.  This was on my way to dinner with everyone.
We had Malaysian, same place we went with everyone in Chinatown last time.  It was ok it was me Eric, Jess, and Young.  It was fun they talked a lot and asked a lot about you.  Made me miss you so much all they do is ask about you. Haha but it was fun too see everyone.  We went to K-town for dessert, we had pink berry and jess had dessert at this place.

 Cute right we will go here too.  They have your favorite Macaroons.
Love you,
P.S. Waiting  for you to come home now wait for you.  

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