Thursday, February 17, 2011


hellllooooo babe,
Had a really long week i wish it was over already, I wanna speed up time till I get to see you again then slow it down real real real slow haha.  So I can speed everyday with you forever.  I really miss the picnic and movie haha.  I told papa you know what the best thing to do in the summer? Its the movie in the park you have to go one day.  I miss summer so much because we stay home in the morning and relaxed then we go out at night when it nice and cool.  I also loved picking you up from school when it was summer because it was such nice temperature.  We walk around your school  then watch a movie in the art building then go for pizza by your house.  I loved that pizza and we sit in the park and talk for a hour or so. I miss those days so so so much.  Lets go back in time so we can do those things again.  So come back summer and I will go down for our anniversary so then I go down once and then it mean you must come down too. =p

Any this week a lot of good things happen starting Monday afternoon. I got a 100 on my paper and I got a interview for an internship.

Love you babe,
Chin Fong
P.S. you rush me so i finish tomorrow have fun with ur friends =) mwahhh

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