Monday, February 7, 2011

Wish you where here more and more

Hey love,
I been really worried because you have been so sad lately.  I wish I could be there with you and keep you company and bother you till you were sick of me lol.  But I been working as hard as I can to show you that I really want you to be proud of me and that I can take care of you.  I hope you can see how hard I am trying for you, because I want to be with you so much sooner.  Please don't be down because your bored ok? Please cheer up because I don't like it when my baby is sad it makes me worry a lot about you, so try to cheer up.  Your suppose to be happy all the time for me right? ^^

I loved the email you sent to me this morning about the apartment and having our own, I can't wait too.  I will make it big so you can have any house you want.  I will let you decorate it with what ever you wanted.  But I want it to be full with your photos because I want the house to be filled with your warm memories so you always have a reason to smile for me.  So its only a little longer I promise you I will give you the life you always wanted and the one you deserve.  It sucks that your so far away because there are so many things I want to do with you like did you know the first new episode of Glee was yesterday and tomorrow is another episode. I wish we can watch it on TV together.  I like when we spend time together it makes me really happy when we watch movies together because it feels like we been with each other for so long.  I wish in the future we had time to do this everyday when we grow older.

The house is super lonely without my baby I wish you never left because I wouldn't be so sad.  When you come back I promise I will try to pick you up or drop you of to work everyday.  I will also try to make you a cute lunch box everyday.  So why don't you come on home Ms. Gee everyone misses you.  New York isn't the same without you so I'll see you soon =).

Love you so much,
Christopher Chin Fong 

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