Sunday, February 20, 2011

Things to think about

Man you gotta come back screwwwwwwww Singapore haha cuz i am so lonely. Jk babe do what you want to do, don't regret anything in life ok.  Go to Singapore and try so at least you won't look back wishing you tried to do it.  Opportunity is rare so when it comes knocking take advantage, why you think I chase you so hard.  I know I know BS.  But babe do what you want to do in life don't give a chance when its there.  It might be longer with out you but I want you to accomplish many things in your life.  I can still see you online and I will be there to talk to you every night.  So I promise you I will support you even if I am scared.  Plus If you don't find anything there it one step closer to seeing you back here =). Right?
I hope lol.
Love you,
We have a whole life time to make great memories like this and be dumb. ^^

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