Monday, February 14, 2011


Hi babe,
I'm sorry about everything, I know you heard me apologize over 1000 times in the past day so let me say it 1001 times I am sorry for making you feel like that.  I really didn't mean for you to feel hurt, I will do everything I can to prevent you from feeling like that.  You know I really love you a lot and I am going to do everything possible to show you that, I am gonna give you the world.
I really want to go somewhere far with you again with nobody to bother us, just some alone time with me and you.  Everything is magical when its just us 2, no one to bother us and we can do what we want.  Bu this time lets try outside of the U.S. and  I don't mean Trinidad. I want to take you some where new because we have so many places that we have to go to so we have to start as soon as possible. Right? I wanna go to Paris real bad but it will require me to save up every penny if your ok with that, or if you wanna go to a nice beach we can go to pr, Cancun or some place where the water is nice and blue.  It does sound nice though walking the beach every night and listening to the waves a we sleep.  I know it to early to tell where we want to go and and I don't have the money yet but I promise you  I will bring you some where.  Where its just me and you, where we can take thousands of pictures so you can blog and have a nice romantic evening every night with just me and you.  Anyways I will keep that promise and I will bring you somewhere this year.  We can do anything and go anywhere you want.
Although I may not be able to celebrate all those holidays and special dates with you doesn't mean I didn't forget. I won't make that mistake of making you feel alone, like I did so many times. But give me a chance sometimes to show you that I didn't forget I really do remember all these things. And although it might not be the best thing I really do put my heart and soul into everything I do for you. Because you deserve my full attention always and I will always put 150% into anything I do for you.  Because you deserve the best and I will make sure you get it only the best from me.

Your baby
P.S. Happy Valentines Day babe I hope you like the roses even though their not purple, hey their roses this year =p.  I looked for purple flowers for you forever but couldn't find any =( I am sorry.

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