Thursday, February 24, 2011

Misseseseses you

I misseseseses you lol.  I wish my baby come back soon, but if not I hope she can do something that make her happy until she ready to come back.  I miss you so much because I am lonely without you baby, I hope I can spend summer with you.  Talking about last year makes me want you to come back so much more.  And you remember how much money we spent on pink berry lol.  I wish you where here super bad, I am sorry I so clingy  but you know how lonely your babe gets when your not around.  ^^ I hope you get this job so you can be happy. I will try my best to make lots of money so I can bring you back and get you a place to decorate for yourself. So wait for me.

This picture you want right?
Love you so much babe,
P.S. come home soon ok ?

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