Friday, February 18, 2011

the super cool not so boring blog

As promised,
i will blog something that not boring:)
& this post better work like a charm!
I just wanna let you see my instance expression while i saw the flower sent by you on vday.

They sosososososo pretty.
The fresh dust still stayed on the flower while held it,
at first, i thought it was a real flowers, until i remember we bought it for my mom last year.

lots of roses forgot the color, just so sexy!

I'm pretty sure this post will make you say dumbbbbbb!

It was your cool cupcakes that I had to finish all by myself becuase no one likes cupcakes but me.

You did it all by urself the coolest birthday in the world^^.

Potential wife kirby G stealer of chin fongs bed then kick him to the floor.

& Have fun with your family today and hang out with ur gma all day:)

Love u,
p.s. i thought it would be different and make u laugh if i did this.  I wanted to do something different for you.  I miss you so so so so much. And your blog made me smile real big but u were watching tv and u dint notice so bleh to u haha.  I hope it don't make u angry at me lol mwahhh love u my baby

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