Saturday, October 16, 2010

First Day of Work

Holla Babeee,

Today was my first day of work for the Fordham law school IT center, I had worked from 10 to 5 today.   It was kinda boring because there wasn't a lot of things for me to do.  The people there are real cool and they are helpful.  As soon as I walked in they sat me down handed me a stack of paper and told me to start reading.  Funnnnn haha, I had to read three or four instruction books. It was a great one hour!!!! ehhhhhh, but I was happy I got to snuck out and called you.  I wish I had more time to talk to my baby but I was happy I got to say good night to you at least. I was so happy what you said to me before we hung up, made my whole day.

 Here's my little desk, its because I'm the part time.  I spent most of the day fixing this laptop omg it was so messed up.  I had to install so much stuff, but it gave me something to do.  I had problems with some things and there was a guy who helped me with what I couldn't figure out.  He was really cool.  He edited a photo on Microsoft Office 2010 and it looked like he used Photoshop it was crazy.

Another thing I have to do everyday is fill up printers in the whole building and fix them if there anything is wrong with them.  Today I followed on of the employees around the building, we filled like 15 printers, but its cool because they have snacks in one of the rooms all the time.
Here is the office , it is kinda small.
Other side.

One cool things about work is that if there is nothing to do I can go online, so I can talk to you or whatever.  And Fridays are dead so I have time to talk like today.

Oh I also change my schedule to work 3-10 on Mondays so I can talk to you before you sleep.  I wanted to talk to you at night so I switched m schedule, since we can't talk when you work and only type.  Don't worry I will still wake you up when I'm working promise^^.

I love you and missed you a lot today, but it brings me one step closer to getting you home.

Love you,

P.S. Come back soon so you can visit me at work and I can take you out for lunch in nice restaurants in Lincoln Center ok =)

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