Thursday, October 7, 2010

Long day

Hey babe,

Kept my promise today, went to school like I said I would for the transcript letter.  
First I went to drop by club meetings because Alex made me feel bad because he says everyone always ask about me.  I am just not in the mood to travel more than an hour to go to a club meeting. Haha But I went today, it was weird, the Asian club is filled with a lot of strange people.  There are so many freshmen that are so annoying and dumb (sounds like I am describing what you call me all the time haha^^), but honestly babe wow a lot of them need to go out more and learn to meet people.  I was nice today don't worry even tough they bothered me I smile.  I have to  be more mature right? lol  Then I had to go to Filipino club,  the freshman are better more mature and it was more organized.  I enjoyed it more but had to leave early to talk to the dean.  But Chris made an announcement I showed up you know how I love the attention haha, but he made me give a speech for the freshmen who didn't know me.  
I sign up to referee (the person who enforces the rule) for two two sports events one next Saturday and one two weeks Sunday.  I am sorry bout Sunday we might not have a lot of time to spend together but I'll try.  Saturday won't be too bad though.  Man I wish you where here, because if you were I would play sport so you can smile when I play.  

 Here is the part they rebuilt for our school, pretty right?
Anyways I went to meet with my dean but he wasn't there so a nice lady spent an hour helping me and typed up a letter for me.  I am grateful she took the time to work with me she always helps me and is really nice.  I left around  5 to get to class in Manhattan so I took the D train.
 While I was walking to the D train I picked up lunch because I didn't eat the whole day, look my favorite Mexican food.  Haha I brought it out of a truck a little expensive but had good taste, but good thing about the truck was it gave me 3 big containers of pepper haha. It made me think of the one by your house, I miss those days where I would drop you off home, the buy myself some Mexican food for the train ride home for a celebration for a good day spent together. ^^ Miss it so much.  Don't worry your truck is better and cheaper. Not as much pepper but it has more taste haha.
Brought this for my throat your favorite halls.  I was gonna buy something else but I remember your ones. I went to 4 different stores to find it, because I miss when you feed me them. =( I hope you come back soon to give me more Halls haha even if my throat is ok.  Remember when I got you Halls every time you sick and I would buy you 3 or 4 of them haha, but you would curse me for buying so many.  Then when we would talk at night and you would say  finished the first pack already haha.  Then I called you dumb ^^. I miss that too. So come back no matter how much work it might be no matter who tells you what or what you won't be able to do.  Ok because I know you can do anything you want, you are my girlfriend and I only choose the best ^^.  We will find you a fun well paying job and I will bring you back to Malaysia as much as possible.  So have faith and don't let one or two or 1000000 no's stop you from coming back, I didn't let your 10000000000 no's make me stop. HAHA sorry for the end I know its annoying haha.

Miss you so so much babe,

P.S. I love you =)

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