Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Case of the Lazy Mondays

Dear Babe,
Today was definitely one of those dreaded Mondays because it was the first Monday in 6 months I started to work again. Man I miss relaxing at home with you right there with me, but its time I started to make some money to bring you back home where you belong.

Today started off with my favorite Chinese class.... I kinda hate it because everyone is from China or where ever. Kinda makes it hard for me to keep up with the class and the teacher keeps calling on me and uhhhhh, hate being called on because I'm on a lower level. But that means I gotta work that much harder right ^^. I'll get it done for you so don't worry no matter how much I have to struggle I will try hard. Anyways after class I rushed back home so I can get a small goodnight before you sleep. Stupid train was stuck in the station for mad long, I didn't think I would make it home on time. I was so jumpy, every minute felt like 10 hate when that happens. Sorry I didn't call from school, my cell phone's Skype isn't working still.
I still love this station because of these little guys.  There was a park when I was little my parents use to take Alex and I to, it was covered with these little unique men.  Anyways I got out of the L I started to run home to make it but made a little stop buy the grocery man in front of my house for some vegetables.  got mushrooms, red bell pepper and a lemon only cost me 2 dollars (what a steal).  I got home to find your message on Skype saying that you are still up, it was a great feeling of relief seeing that message.  I was even more relieved when you picked up my phone call.  I know I'm a dork, but saying goodnight to you every night really means a lot to me. I loved how you wanted to watch me cook and you asked what I was doing.  Demanding I tell you every ingredient and step I made while making my lunch, I don;t know but it just reminded me of when I always  use to cook for you.  Just letting you know my pasta is getting better and better everyday, when you get back I'll have it perfect so you can smile real big.  Since you didn't get to see me finish cook here is the finish product.

Looks not to bad right?  It's colorful, healthy and delicious; what more can I ask of this dish =p.
Here's me finishing every bite best lunch I made in a while, just saying.

So after I took that nap you wanted me to take and then rushed to work over sleeping by 5 minutes, push alarm clock of not snooze, fail xp.
Work was pretty nice to day more relaxing and I was less nervous.  I had a 3-10 shift and there were less people because of the later shift.   Today I had to install some programs on to peoples computer and I learned some new things from some of the full time workers. Oh we have the coolest thing at work, remember in Uniqlo where we use to swipe out with our cards.  Well at work I swipe in and out with my finger prints, col beans right?

I had nacho and cheese with a side of rice and beans for dinner taste amazing and it only cost $8, couldn't even finish it. Worth every penny.  While I was stuffing my face, me and the other worker watched video's online while I did Chinese.

 My yummy nacho cheese.

That was my lazy Monday's hope your Tuesday was more productive then my Monday.

Love ya ^^,

P.S. Stop look at the Malaysia things, you scaring me too much look at NYC pictures instead lol.  Jk, try not to fall in love with Malaysia or at least not until you get back from your trip back ok? ^^ Miss you so much.

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