Friday, October 8, 2010

cooking day

Hola babe,

Today I went out a little today but I spent most of the day studying uhhh, I can't wait to be done with school because there is so much stuff to memorize.  Haha I hope I will do well on the test. so I can show you I really am trying my hardest.   Then next week I have a Chinese test, don't worry I started to go for help, I met with my teacher this Thursday and we spent 35 mins after class learning the stuff I don't know, still a little confused but hopefully I can get it. If I do well on Chinese I will be the happiest person in the class because I am one step closer to showing you I really want to learn for you ^^.  

Also today after studying my mama and I cooked together, because I wanted to learn how to make her pasta.  It is vegetable pasta its really good and simple.  you would like it because it only takes a few minutes to cook haha and you don't have to wait for ever.
 Here are some of the vegetables I had to cut.  We were missing tomatos so I had to go out and buy some for the dish haha pain in the butt lol.

We made this real good and simple fish it taste amazing.  You don't like fish right? well I'll make it any ways and see if you change your mind haha

here is the pasta I tried to make it look a little nice, because I am practicing for when you come back I want to serve you the most beautiful dishes.  First time my pasta was really good haha, hopefully I can keep it up so you can finally say you like my pasta. ^^

Miss you a lot,
Dumb Dumb

P.S. I love you so so so so so so much ahaha

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