Saturday, October 2, 2010

SHOPPPING DAYYYY and returns.....

TODAY was SHOPPINGGGGG DAY haha and I didn't have to buy almost anything haha.  Anyways I got up this morning to talk to you, sorry I was so sleepy, I think it was because it was a Saturday.  My bads ^^ but I was happy you took me outside with you to watch TV haha I know I'm a dork, but I really liked that cuz you turned and smiled to me. HAHA I really liked that a lot.

So I bought your present and the coat you picked out for me today it was pretty cheap it came out to be 120ish. Not bad, I really do like the jacket babe.  Good choice.  ^^

So today I told mom I would return everything I bought yesterday so we took a walk to 5th ave on 14th street.

Here's a park on the way there I thought you might like this so I took a picture for you. ^^ It pretty right.

Here is the farmers market we brought 5 punds of apples yummmm.  HAHA not really getting sick of them, to many apples.

 I went to H&M and Express to return my jacket that was too small for me and the belt I got Alex lol.
I showed here our favorite stores like Zara. Haha she like the men's shoes ^^.
After we went to TJ max I didn't want to go but she made me, good thing she did I guess mama knows best lol.  We got 4 belts and my hatttttt for only 59 dollars. I get to keep two belts Alex gets the other 2.
 Heresssss my hat =)  I am sooo happy I got it so so so happy lol.

Here are my two belts both are reversible. I hope you like em I know not as nice as Alex's one but still nice right?

After I wanted to get something real real real bad , but we made a stop at Muji because the store caught her eye.  And I found something really beautiful I want to get for , tell me if you like it ok since I can't find you Zara cape.
Anyways after we went to buy what I wanted to get.  We went to a store for plates and stuff like that.
 Here is the store.
Oh I know you said your girl friend's husband likes coke cuz of his name right look at this coke cup cool beans right.
 I got two cups, cute right it for when you come back.  We have two cups to drink coco and watch movies when it cold.  I hope you like  it, I really wanted to go out today to buy these.  I can also put Tiramisu, haven't made it yet cuz I can't find an ingredient. lol

So that was my shopping day.  I hope you liked it =).


I miss our shopping days so bad.  =( I saw so many things you would like, I wish I could be with you and wait outside the fitting room and you show me clothes we pick out.  =( Miss it miss it miss it miss it so so so so much haha.  Miss it too pls cuz it was one of my favorite things even though I tell you to save all the time lol.
Oh me and my hat ^^
Miss you love

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