Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sorry babe this post will be quick because I am studying and I have to sleep now because I promised right ^^.
I finally start working this week, begging Friday. I work every Monday, Wednesday and Friday   10-5 almost all three days.  I know it suck because it is less time to talk to you everyday but Ill wake up everyday at 6 or 7 so I can talk to you for at least an hour or two ok ^^. Plus I can talk to you during work if your still up on Skype which is also another cool thing.  And we still have our Sundays which is always for you and our Saturday nights.

I had my midterm in Marketing today and I think I did well, I hope I did.  You smile big when I do well on test and its the best feeling.  so I will keep making you proud and I will show you that I can do well in school for you.  

Love you a lots,

P.S. I still think white is your color and don't forget to talk to your friends everyday from the city I keep thinking about that because of that side bar on your blog, they really do miss you a lot, which means I gotta work harder and try to get more hours everyday when your sleeping so I can give you more.  So mwahhh night and see u in the P.M. lol.

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