Sunday, October 3, 2010


So today was borning day, I did a lot a lot for studying, so not me haha.  But Gotta keep my promise.  I also drank a lot of cold hot chocolate today.  Kept thinking about our summer when I was studying because I was so bored.   I read ur blog like a million times haha don't judge me just really want those days back.

Man I miss you a lot, I feel mad useless without you right now.  But I am keeping my promise about school.  I hope you can see it. I want you to be proud of me when I graduate like I was proud when you did. Ok =)

I hope you can come back soon I have so many places we can shop, oh I miss going to stores with you and looking for things you would like.  I love finding something makes me happy I know you.  Or when you tell me to try something on.  I like that a lot cause you have really good taste.

  Boy I am real lonely without you, I know I have friends, but I just don't wanna go out.  I feel so weird when I'm with them.  I miss having you around with me all the time.  It sucks now, I rather be in Malaysia with you then be here right now. Everything I see is so sad because it reminds me of you I hate it.  we went way to many places haha.

"you look mad cute in this pic haha" ^^

Plus all your friends miss you too so its a must that you come back.

Miss you babe come back soon pls.

Chin Fong

I want to wear the jacket now I hope it comes in soon haha.

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