Sunday, October 10, 2010

STD & C: Study Talk Drama & Cook!!

Hey babe,

This week was long and pretty boring did a lot of studying for my upcoming midterms.  I have a midterm in Marketing so I spent a lot of time reading text books and my notes this week.  Yeaaaaaaa so exciting ^^......
But I was happy that once this week we spent a lot of time together on the internet talking, my favorite time of any day no BULL$%^! really is.  Well anyways this weekend was pretty productive I spent sometime  talking to you, studying, finishing up my Korean drama (really really good), and cooking ( needs improvement =p).  

So yesterday I decided to try making pasta with my own hands.  Bad idea, not trying again until I get a machine because using a rolling pin sucks.  I think I got a pretty good workout from making pasta haha.  I decided to make everything from scratch.  I made my own dough rolled it out and whatever else there was to do.  I also made my own sauce and filling, too much work.  

I was planning on making ravioli because I would really like to get the chance to make them for you, but I had to much trouble rolling the dough so it was thin enough.  Thats why all the instructions said to use machine.  ^^ Any ways the dough was way way way to thick it was like dumpling skin, mom spent all night making fun of me.  She is such a jerk xp.  Bet your laughing saying dumb, and if I am watching you you would have that super big smile on your face. So I though it out and used wanton skins, but was to thin but I cooked them anyway, they were not bad but I wish I had a change to make everything by myself would have been super cool.  I convince my mom to get a machine, but don't think I will bother her to buy it because I;m taking a break from Italian and going into Chinese food my baby's favorite.
 The dough so much work to make this ball, I think I have muscles now.
Here's what I ended up making because I wasn't to sure what to do with only 10 ravioli.  I am angry because my phone didn't save the picture of the sauce or the ravioli.  

Anyways spent today returning a dumb blanket and studying.  Wish you were here to keep me company while I study, like back then when you were here.  I miss studying together, or writing your essays...... lol  I actually enjoyed doing that because I got a big kiss when I finished it and my baby was the one acting sticky ^^.  

Love you,

P.S. Sorry for not picking up this morning I was passed out, just letting you know for the future phone calls wake me up not Skype because laptop isn't loud enough =p.

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