Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I'm sad babe, your not here to say good night and you didn't even leave for Thailand yet.  I hate that I can't talk to you right now.  It stupid and I'm all alone now without you, I hate that your so far away, I hate how I can't find you when ever I am lonely, I hate not being able to see you, I hate not saying good night, I hate that no one takes care of you,  I hate myself for not having more money, I hate it all.  I just want you back here with me, I am trying  my hardest to show you I can take care of you.  I wish you can be here with me, I am all alone all day and no matter who I hangout with all I want to do go home.  I don't enjoy other people's company when you so far away.  I don't smile without you I stress more when your not here then when your angry at me.  I have no to cook for and no one to care for.  I have no one to laugh with and no one to eat with me.  I hate my life right now, it sucks with out you, and I hate how your cell phone is off and your laptop is off.  I really want to talk to you to say good night and I really want to hear your voice.  I can't stand it my heart feels like shit right now and I just want you to come back.  I really missed you a lot and I don't like how your brother won't let you bring your laptop to work with you when he has his laptop with him.  I hate Malaysia because it so far. I hate time for not going by slower when I needed and now when I'm alone its like every minute is an eternity.  I don't care anymore I just want you to come back and I don't care what I have to do to get you back here.  I just want to see you smile, I want to spoil you, I want to laugh and get in to stupid arguments with you.  I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  I don't hate what we have now, because long distance made me realize how much I love you and how much I hate things because your not here.  You better call me before I sleep today or all be angry we have a week till you go away for 4 days, and we have 2 days till your parents return and that means I lose more time with you.  More than anything I hate losing time with you, I am scared the less you spend time with me the more you forget about me.  So please just let me know you won't stop thinking about me no matter where you are and what your doing, because your on my mind 24/7.
I miss you,

P.S. why is your phone off and where the hell is your computer lol

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