Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Dear dork,
No No Dear Super dork,

Blah hahaha

Miss you don't care how sticky I am anymore, its boring not being sticky lol.  I lovesss to bother you it fun and I get to talk to you more lol.So yesterday when I was waiting for my 6 o'clock class I saw this ad in a magazine and it made me think of you.

Haha its real cute.  I think it says
"the best thing to hold onto in life is each other"
I love it made me think of you as soon as I saw it.

So yesterday I finally made the tiramisu I promised you haha it was very easy only dumb thing was beating the eggs with my hand haha such a bad idea good work out.

Heres the cream taste soo sooos sooo good haha.
Heres the cake needs a little more work but its pretty good haha I hope you like it.

I really want to cook all your favorites so I can spoil you, that way you know I will always be the one to love you the most.  ^^

You are everything to me babe and anything you want to eat I'll learn to cook, so if we get to lazy to go out and eat I can cook what ever your heart desires.  ^^  ANYTHING ^^.

I miss you everyday and I guess learning these things makes me feel closer to you, I wish I could have cook these things when your here so you can tell me it sucks or if it was good and smile big because we cook all the thing you love.  Or cook things you never had. I wish it was true so so bad.  =(

I hope that I can bring you back soon so you can cook with me like we use to.  But till then I will continue learning to cook so you can tell everyone one day I am the best cook.  Also want to cook  with you for both of our families.  HaHa and I know already papa G likes to eat healthy right =).

Love you,
P.S. I hope you and I can make those cute things on the website you showed me yesterday. ^^

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