Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Dreaded Tuesdays

Hellloooo babes,

Today was one of those long days, class all day and no time for lunch.  I started my morning off with our morning chat.  Which had me worrying the whole time because you weren't talking ( I didn't know it was because you were sick, you didn't talk so I was under the impression you were angry at me).  I wish I could take care of you there; or even better, you here with me lol.

On the Metro North today I almost missed my stop because I fell asleep. I thought the train was in another station so I told myself I had a stop to go before I had to get up. Good thing I opened my eyes to check.  Art today was okay, very slow paced.  The professor took pictures of our faces and we cut the pictures down the middle.  We had to make charcoal drawing of each piece on two different pages on our sketch pads.  No where close to done.

After I was off to my Products and Management class, spent the whole class playing hearts and solitaire on the computer.  Made the boring class go by quicker.  I handed in the group project I was in charged of for this week.  We were the only group he said perfect for everyone else was acceptable ^^.  I did well, right? After 6 hours of class it was off to Manhattan for the last 3 hour class, Principles of Management.  I left early to study Chinese, got the midterm of Thursday, I am so unprepared for this thing.  I decided to take the bus home from 6th  Ave. today and found a sweet old lady.  She was in one of the people in the motor powered wheel chairs.  She was the first person I ever saw who wasn't miserable and was so friendly.  She apologized to everyone for the inconvenience and handed out scratch cards and I thought it was really nice of her.  Then I found out that the cards were win for discount to her store, but I still admired her happiness and was kinda envious, because I haven't smiled like that since you left. And by the way great way to market your store.

Returned home to find a black bag with my name on it, it was the clothes we bought online.  Here are your three belts and my jacket you chose.

I hope you like them; I like the belts.  I white belt is real cute, love the brown design and the black looks like a vintage belt.  But the best of all is the jacket.  It fits so well, "perfect" so might say.  But I can't wait to wear this tomorrow, so when people ask me where I get it, I can say my baby chose it she got some great taste. ^^

Miss You So So So So Much,
Astroboy (wish I was so I could fly to you)

P.S. Thank you babe for helping me with Chinese I really appreciate it.  I will study it so hard so I would make your effort go to waste.

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