Sunday, October 24, 2010

Missing you so much

Hi Baby,

It's that time of the year when the tree starts to change colors.  Its the most beautiful time this season right when the leaves start to change and not fall to the ground.    This is my favorite thing of fall other than your birthday  and our anniversary ^^.   I really love fall because last year I had so many great memories.  More than anything I wish you were here I want to walk Central Park with you, I think that would be one of our most perfect dates, just saying.

This is my Bronx campus only a couple of trees started to turn colors, but it still so breath taking.  I wish you were here so we can lye on the grass and watch the trees.  I miss you a lot, its getting harder to get through a day because I miss you so much.  I just wish you came back after your Hong Kong trip.  I wish you where back sooner.  I miss our dinner dates so much, recently I been thinking a lot about where we use to go in the past.  man we had so many great adventures.  But I really regret not going to the Thai place in Brooklyn with you.  I keep wishing everyday we went there, don't know why I want to go to that place more than anything.  First place we will go to when you come back.   I also miss going to the museums with you, wasn't it the coolest thing?  Like when we dressed up like nerds and took all those cool pictures, or when we went to do your projects.  And we drew the pictures in the Egyptian section, we had so much fun that day. I miss the foods, the wonderful memories, the trips back home, and most of all you.  I miss you so much, I wish you knew how much I wanted to be with you. I wish I could take care of you right now more than anything.  I hate how I can't see you and how I take care of you.  I am saving more money up now and I am going to bring you back so we can see all the the museums, try all the foods, and to see every movie possible.  Ok so please try hard to come back just for me even if it isn't to stay here.  I promise I will work harder so we can do all these great things.  ^^ I love you more than ever and everyday I become more positive about our future.  So keep that faith of yours I won't let you down. =p


P.S. you definitely have to be back to winter so we can walk in the snow like we use to back then.  We gonna drink my home made Coco and watch movies.  Its only a less then two months so please keep faith.

Halloween is coming soon

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