Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blah still raining

Hey love, 
It rained heavy again uhhhhh every day so far hopefully tomorrow it will stop kinda getting sick of getting soaked.I went to work to fill out paper today took 40 mins to get there 5 mins there and 40 mins to come back lol.  So I  was happy I got to go home early anyways. On my way home I saw the craziest again man ever haha.

He dressed like a fairy and hung a blanket on the light behind him. He had a giant fake leaf, hats with leaves, a can and he was squatting and the got up slowly and squat half way then got up slowly haha.  It was the funniest thing ever.

After talking on skype and a little nap I went shopping. 
OMG check my FB status, I started a war on something stupid thing. 
Here is me belt shopping for you, I went into every store from 14 and 5th to 23 and 5th every single store for women.  See who loves you that much=) nah it was fun I sound some new stores you might like and I saw alot of cool jackets. You know I love my jackets haha.  Oh in H&M I saw Jackie and Gracie but I left them so I can keep my promise and it looks like they were doing something important shopping haha.  Then I went to the t-mobile store for your bill.  Worst fucking store ever (sorry for the curse). So here it is I went in for your thing but then I asked for help.  The employees were playing around and instead of helping me they put me on a phone with a representative.  WTFFFF there were 3 employees doing nothing and messing around while I was on the phone.... I could do it at home haha.  But over all I enjoyed the walk around, Kenneth Cole got a realll nice jacket but no more haha and it triple the price of the one you want to get me.

So I went home and brought some groceries.  OHHHH wish I bought these u see how biggg it is. Look at it.
And how big the bread I brought was.  LOOOKKKK ATTT IT haha jkjk.

The hot chocolate I made.  I know you would love it, plus if it so go we should make it in our bakery ok lol =).

Also got pizza only 1 dollar I wasn't sure it was gonna be good but I like it, not the best but it was good.  I have to go back tomorrow until there is no more sale haha.
So the rest of the night I spent watching my adorable and trying to cheer you up with shopping.    I hope it worked, I really hope it did make you smile.  


P.S. Miss you so so so so so so much, and I will still get you a present next month.  It is your bday love I can't ignore it. =)  Hopefully I start work next week. I really hope I do, I wont let it interfere with our time too much ok.  But we need the money.

Love blogging with you even more


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