Friday, October 8, 2010

Hey babe,

Today wasn't what I hoped it would be at all.  I really hurt you didn't I, I'm sorry.  I know shopping is the things that makes you happy thats why I always want to know what you bought or look online for things for you.  Today what I  said came out wrong and I am sorry for that, please forgive me.  But if you don't curse me out until you do because I don't want any bad feelings between us.  To me you have become everything and when ever you are upset I am down and when ever you are happy I too am happy.  I wish you knew how much joy you have brought to me in the past year.  I know your angry still at me because you don't want to talk, it's ok I deserve it for being a jerk.  But I will keep trying until you forgive me because I love you and because love is all about patience and understanding.

Today I went out to see Eric before he left for his trip.  We went to the K-town restaurant that Jackie too me to. The BBQ is ok not that good, but I wish you were there because I still owe you a BBQ because last time we ate other things when we wanted it.  So come back so I can treat you to a big BBQ meal and watch you smile.
 Here is the food it was ok, yo didn't miss a thing I have to find a good one you would love.
Here is the wrap no rice, they didn't give rice with the meal and I didn't feel like ordering it haha.  I wish you were there you would have made me and I would have actually been fully.
Eric is doing well and i didn't know he was so well.  I hope I can do well soon also.  I wish I had that luck, but I am happy with mine because I met you and made so many good memories.  I wish we could make more.

After dinner he took me for ice cream by his work, its on 20th and 6th ave.  You would love it so much the ice cream is out of this world.  This is a must when you come back I added it to the list don't worry haha. Oh and it so cute the design.
 Heres the icecream, Eric gets discount so he paid for it.
 Eric and I love the back it so cute haha. I know you don't like black and white.
Here is the ice cream its a Ferrero Rocher the chocolate ball in gold foil.  It taste exactly like it haha.  We said bye after.  It was fun I hope to see him again because he is a good friend I would like to keep.

I spent the whole day missing you.  I really miss you a lot.  I wish you were here so bad, everyday I spend thinking about those great days.  I'm happy we had so many, everyday I will think about your smile so I can work harder.   So have faith in your dumb dumb he is trying hard to show you he can take care of you.  I am watching this Korean drama when ever you sleep, and it makes me miss you when the guy hold the girl or kisses her.  I miss holding you everyday.  I hope you miss me too.  I will save up all my money to bring you back and show you in person that you can trust me with your future ^^.

Love you and mis you more everyday,

P.S. Better like my surprise gift this time, I don't know what to get yet but I will find something with my heart.  I hope it makes you smile big.

My favorite person in the world and one of my favorite memories I wish I can take you some where new this year.

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